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The Mousetrap

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 35

For this quest, make your way back to Cyrene and head northeast of the mandatory fast travel point to reach a tiled square with four statues along every corner. Here you’ll find a man named Sminthos, “The Mouse”, a purveyor of shady goods, and he knows his customers, promising to show Bayek all kinds of delightful weaponry. Follow him west and you’ll be attacked by a trio of Roman soldiers, after which talk to Sminthos to find out that he and Bayek share the same enemies. The enemy of your enemy is… well, at least worth doing a favor for, right? And if that fails, just think of the children!

Cyrene Barracks

Deploy Senu and sniff out the stash these Romans stole to discover that they brought it back to the Cyrene Barracks, a medium-sized fort along the northwestern corner of the low-lying parts of Cyrene, east of the Apollonion of Cyrene. Mark the location of the captain (level 36), commander (level 37), guards (levels 34 - 35) and treasures while you’re at it.

After everything is scouted out, make your way west along the southern wall of the barracks, then scale some cliffs to the west and use them to reach the southwestern edge of the enemy camp. From here, scale a nearby building and walk across a rope to the north to reach the roof the alarm brazier is on. With this disabled, you’ll have an extra measure of security against the consequences of detection. Not that this place is that difficult to clear without being detected, there are few enough guards on the elevated western section of the fort that you should have little trouble killing them, after which you can scour the walls of Romans. With those two things done, there should be precious little opposition in the lower part of the barracks. It should be noted, however, that there are likely nearly as many guards on and around the northern gate of Cyrene (which connects with the northeastern edge of this fort) as there were in the fort itself.

You need not concern yourself with those soldiers if you’re careful, however. Eradicate the officers, then from the barrack’s eastern gate head north into a building, where you can find a small white chest on the floor. Plunder it, then return to the eastern gate of the barracks and from here head north to reach another building. Enter it and head down the stairs behind the white curtain to reach a Roman infirmary. Continue into a smaller room to the east to find a large red chest and a smaller box housing The Mouse’s stash. Loot the former, then pick of the latter.

Reward: For completing the Cyrene Barracks
900 XP

With the stash in hand, your goal now is to get it back to its owner. The difficulty of this task depends entirely on how many Romans you killed in the fort earlier, and since the chest can glitch into the floor if set down (it can be rather tempermental), you’re better off avoiding confrontation entirely. If it does glitch on you, just reload the quest objective and try again. Escape through the least guarded gate, make your way to (but not through!) the nearby northern gate of Cyrene and follow the road east to find the house The Mouse currently occupies. Head upstairs and do not set the chest down - instead, walk into the quest objective to ensure Bayek puts the stash down on his own, after which talk to The Mouse to complete this quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “The Mousetrap”
3,000 XP, 1,000 Drachmas


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