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Main Quest - Aya (Part 1)

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 10

With all that, it’s finally time to move on to Alexandria. Or rather, deeper into Alexandria, since you may have already skirted the outskirts during the quest “ Birthright “. Track the quest and follow the quest marker to its destination; just follow the main road running horizontally (east-west) through Alexandria and keep an eye out for the Great Library of Alexandria north of the road. Basically, if you follow the road up the coast from Yamu, cross the bridge to the outskirts of Alexandria (where you hunted Sophronios during the quest “ Birthright “, pass through the gate and continue east along the road, you’ll end up where you want to go.

Enter the building and turn west, then south to find some stairs. Before you ascend them, grab the Papyrus Puzzle scroll “ Divided Valley “ off the table opposite the stairs, which completes the location objective for this area. Birds. Stones. You know.

Reward: For completing the Great Library
150 XP

Head upstairs and interact with a statue, after which a man named Phanos the Younger will pester you and offer - discreetly - to lead you to Aya. Follow him out of the library and to a monument across the street, listening to him talk about the political trouble Aya is in, and some key figures on both sides. When you arrive at the monument he’ll inform you that exploring the monument - the vine-covered well - will lead you to Aya.

Climb the outside of the well and dive in, then swim in the only direction available before reaching a surprisingly well-adorned room, where Bayek will be met with a very warm reception from Aya. They’ll express affection, talk politics, Bayek will get a hair cut, and Aya will tell you information on the Snake. While he’s the man you were sent to kill, Aya is also plagued by another man, named Gennadios, who also must die to secure Aya’s safety. To facilitate these murders, Aya will furnish Bayek with a little gift from Cleopatra - who also seeks the death of the Snake for her own personal, political reasons - the hidden blade. The tool that slew the tyrant Xerxes, a weapon of justice, it’s now the tool of Bayek’s vengeance, and a mainstay of the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

This starts the quest “ Gennadios the Phylakitai “ (Suggested Level: 11) and “ End of the Snake “ (Suggested Level: 12), while “ Aya “ becomes a superquest requiring you to complete the two aforementioned quests, first. It also gets a level boost to Suggested Level: 12, but if you cleared out the points of interest in Lake Mareotis, or at least completed the actual subquests there, you should be more than strong enough to handle these without additional grinding. If not, consider going back and doing some of those quests until you’re level is within acceptable range of these new quests - for the sake of argument, level nine.

You can find the Papyrus Scroll on a table at the center of the library (left). To find Aya, climb to the top of the vine covered tower (right) and jump in.

If you want to indulge in sidequests without having to trek all the way back to the Lake Mareotis area, however, you can also tackle the quest “ Serapis Unites “ (Suggested Level: 10), which can be found near the Sarapeion in the southwestern edge of Alexandria and the quest “ The Shifty Scribe “ (Suggested Level: 11), which is southwest of the Great Library - midway between there and the Sarapeion, in fact. Feel free to skip around to whichever quest suits your fancy (and potentially your level limitations) at the moment, they’ll be listed below in order of level, starting with the side quests.

In any event, make up your mind, and before you leave loot a generous large chest to the east, then turn north and go through a gate to arrive back outside, at the docks of Alexandria.


Hidden Blade Required Materials
Level 1 20 Bronze
Level 2 21 Bronze, 12 Iron
Level 3 23 Bronze, 12 Iron
Level 4 26 Bronze, 14 Iron
Level 5 29 Bronze, 20 Iron
Level 6 18 Hard Leather, 32 Bronze, 22 Iron
Level 7 21 Hard Leather, 35 Bronze, 26 Iron
Level 8 22 Hard Leather, 39 Bronze, 28 Iron
Level 9 24 Hard Leather, 45 Bronze, 33 Iron, 5 Carbon Crystal


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