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Conflicts of Interest

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 15

Searching for Zervos

Return to Harkhuf’s house and enter the secret chamber in the back, where you can pick this quest up from the Informant Table. This quest - and most of the other quests you’ll get here - involve resolving injustices committed by the Scarab’s minion, Sefetu. If the name sounds familiar, it was one of Sefetu’s soldiers from whom you claimed the Serpent of Serapis. You can, then, view these quests as part of an effort to weak Sefetu’s grasp on Sais, and hence the Scarab’s.

In any event, pick the quest up and track it, then head west and slightly south of the fast travel point in the middle of Sais to find a market. Zervos was working against Sefetu, and went into hiding - supposedly hidden by some merchant friends - when Sefetu caught on. What better place to find merchants than a market? Use your Animus Pulse to identify merchants, then talk to them until Bayek concludes that the effort is fruitless. Half seem to think he’s dead, while the other half seem to know more, and at the very least are bad liars.

Wait until night when the suspicious three merchants head home, then follow them as they leave the market. After a tortuously long, slow walk to the southern edge of Sais they’ll enter a building. Follow them inside to find out the truth about Zervos. Listen to the merchants air their grievances about Sefetu before Zervos mentions his boat, which has sensitive information on it. Information that would be better if it didn’t fall into Sefetu’s hands. Needing no more encouragement, Bayek heads off to get this information away from Sefetu, one way or another.

Sap-Meh Warehouse

Your new goal is on the western end of Sais where you’ll find the Sap-Meh Warehouse, where you must either steal or destroy Zervos’s boat. The Sap-Meh Warehouse is surprisingly well-guarded, being inhabited by around ten guards (levels 15-16), not to mention any random guards sailing around nearby on boats.

If you’ve got a bow with the “On Fire” property, this quest will be real easy, just head around to the north of the warehouse and shoot the ship and watch it burn. Otherwise, you can use the ballista on the roof of the warehouse building to sink the ship (it’ll take several shots), or you can just commandeer it and sail away. In this case you’ll have to sail to another dock to the south and moor the boat on the southern end of the pier - it’s very picky, it seems, and frankly, it’s quicker to just sink the damn thing. However you go about it, though, consider eliminating all the guards in the area so you can loot the chest inside the warehouse, which will also complete the location objectives for the Sap-Meh Warehouse.

Follow the merchants at night (left) then after the scenes, head to the fort. You can either destroy or steal the felucca (right).

Reward: For completing the Sap-Meh Warehouse
300 XP

Once you’ve dealt with the ship, return to Zervos and he’ll thank you for saving his hide before telling you about Sefetu’s defenses. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long to test them out.

Reward: For completing the quest “Conflicts of Interest”
1,250 XP


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