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Main Quest - Gennadios the Phylakitai

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 11

Hunting Gennadios

After doing the previous three quests, you should be more familiar with the city of Alexandria, have a bit more experience and loot to your name, and most importantly, be aware of how enemy outposts have evolved. This last bit is importance because, if you track this quest and look at the map you’ll notice that the search area for this Gennadios happened to be centered near the Akra Garrison, in the southeastern edge of Alexandria.

Make your way to the search area and use Senu to search for your targets - Gennadios (level 11), both outpost captains (level 11) and the commander (level 12) and as many guards as you can spot (levels 9-10). The Akra Garrison is quite a bit bigger than the Kibotos Arsenal and consequentially there’s more guards, if not higher guard density. There are some similarities, however, namely that the walls are generally well patrolled by active, mobile guards (save the southwestern most wall which runs towards the lake). There are a few ballista posted about that you can use, but since the interior of the outpost is cluttered with buildings and other sorts of cover, you may not get much productive use out of them. Finally, the alarm beacon is also curiously easy to access, being on the wall above the southern-most of the two gates on the western edge of the fort. Just cross over the northern of the two bridges that lead to the fort and turn south to find the gate.

Simply walking up to the fort after crossing the northern of the two bridges that lead to it and turning south also allows you to casually stroll up to the southwestern wall and scale it near the sea. This is a fine infiltration point due to it being lightly guarded, and for the fact that it allows you to work your way up the wall to the northeast without fear of being flanked. Dispatch any guards you encounter as you go, then turn north to reach - and disable - the beacon.

From here you can just circle the wall, killing guards as you go with takedowns, archery, or the odd ballista, as the opportunity arises. On the lower ground you can also find caged rebels, who will provide a distraction if you destroy the cage doors, which you can do by simply shooting the cages from the wall. When you find Gennadios, you can stalk and kill him just like any other guard, provided your hidden blade is up to the task, but be warned; unlike when you smote Medunamun, you’ll have to finish what you started after the cutscene plays.

Reward: For completing the quest “Gennadios the Phylakitai”
500 XP

Beware that after you've assassinated Gennadios, you will have to finish off the other soldiers (left). Now he's dead, other, much stronger, Phylakes will hunt you (right).

The Phylakes Come

Gennadios’s death brings unintended consequences, as Gennadios is all too eager to tell you during his death cutscene. In him you’ve killed a ranking government official, and have clearly gained unwanted notoriety in the process. From now on you’ll be hunted by Phylakes, bounty hunters, who prowl around Egypt. You can spot their locations on your map, they are marked by red, horned helmets. There are ten of them in total, and their levels range from twenty to forty. The one nearest you at the present is The Outsider, who can be found near the Ptolemy Statue in the northern part of the Lake Mareotis district. Don’t expect them to remain sedentary, however, and since you’re probably not a match for any of them right now, if you see them, run.

At your current level, The Outsider can probably almost kill you with one swipe (left). Avoid!

Phylakes Level
The Outsider 20
Ptolemy’s Fist 22
The Iron Ram 25
The Stranger 28
Ra’s Mercy 30
The Hill 32
Bane of Hathor 35
Half Horn 38
The Galatian 40
The Iron Bull 40

Finishing Akra Garrison

With that depressing bit of business out of the way, you might as well finish up the Akra Garrison while you’re here. If you cleared the base of enemies, you should only need to hunt down the four treasures located herein.

Treasure #1 : Return back to the south of the two gates along the western wall of the fort and from there head east until you reach a building, turn north, then east again and pass through a tunnel. In the courtyard beyond the tunnel turn south and head past a pile of hay to reach a door leading into the house you just ran around. You’ll find the first treasure upstairs, on a table against the eastern wall.

Treasure #2 : Head back downstairs and exit the house you’re in, then turn south to enter another building. Search the dark room to the west to find another chest against the western wall.

Treasure #3 : Make your way back east to the room you entered into, then continue through two doors to emerge back outside, then enter another building to the east. Search the southeastern corner of the room to find the third chest.

Treasure #4 : To get the final treasure and (hopefully) finish the location objectives for the Akra Garrison, simply head upstairs, turn west into another room, and plunder the chest along the eastern wall.

Reward: For completing the Akra Garrison
500 XP


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