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The Flea of Cyrene

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 34 This quest - the next one you’ll attempt, if you care about sticking to the lowest suggested level - can be started in Cyrene, which you can reach by heading to the east-center of the Kyrenaika province. If you completed the previous quest, “ Halo of the Huntress “ you should have a fast travel point nearby, in which case travel to the Oracle of Apollo fast travel point and head northwest.

However you manage it, head to the northeastern edge of Cyrene to find the Temple of Zeus, near which is a fast travel point. Climb up to it, synchronize with it, then perform a leap of faith. Your epic feat of daring will catch the attention of Esiocles, starting the quest “ The Flea of Cyrene “.

Temple of Zeus

Before you subject yourself to Esiocles, you might as well go find the Papyrus Puzzle scroll in the Temple of Zeus, which is nearby. Head inside, note the splendid statue of Zeus, then grab the scroll “ Undue Haste “ off a table along the eastern wall. As with “Wet Work”, the solution to this scroll will be presented at the end of this quest.

Reward: For completing the Temple of Zeus
450 XP

Leave the Temple of Zeus and talk to Esiocles, who, impressed by your leap of faith offers to show you around Cyrene in return for more death-defying leaps. Follow the “most important child in Cyrene” and he’ll lead you to the Roman bath-house, babbling about his hatred of hygiene along the way. When you reach the building, at Esio’s prompting, climb the front of it, then perform a leap of faith into some hay below.

Apollonion of Cyrene

Follow Esio and his gang again and they’ll lead you to another shrine, the Apollonion of Cyrene. Before leaping off the structure, use Senu to spot the Papyrus Puzzle scroll lying inside, then enter the shrine and grab the “ Dead or Alive “ scroll off a table south, southwest of the statue of Apollo. Unlike “Undue Haste”, this Papyrus Puzzle’s solution will be postponed, as it requires you to fight (although not necessarily defeat) the war elephant Surus.

Reward: For completing the Apollonion of Cyrene
450 XP

Another temple completed. Head outside, climb the front of the shrine, and leap from atop the statue on the roof into the pool below. When you surface, Esio will have one more challenge for you, and lead you out of the temple grounds to a nearby cliff, challenging you to climb the northeastern tower of the Roman Akropolis and leap from it into a pond below. This isn’t too much trouble, despite the area being an restricted area. Avoid the windows and don’t linger overly long and just climb the cliffs and the exterior of the tower and leap off a flag pole. Once you’re done, talk to Esio to finish the quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “The Flea of Cyrene”
2,250 XP

Undue Haste

Now that you’re done in Cyrene, for now at least, you might as well go grab the treasure mentioned in the scroll “Undue Haste”, which reads:

North of Apollonia, I’m next to a life saver. It guides in darkness and fog, and I sit beside it under something that did not heed its warning.

This one couldn’t be more obvious - it’s clearly referring to a lighthouse, and the thing that didn’t “heed its warning” is a sunken ship. You’ll find Apollonia north of Cyrene, and you’ll find a lighthouse on an island north of Apollonia, which also serves as a fast travel point. Synchronize with it, then dive into the water below and swim to the northern end of the island, where you’ll find a few scraps of bent wood - the only remains of a wrecked vessel. Search near it to find your treasure.


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