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Points of Interest - Giza

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 20

Dealing with the Hyena - and other quests in the area - gave you ample opportunity to clear points of interest. That being the case, however busy Giza was previously, it’ll be significantly more manageable after clearing any quest-related points of interst. Of the remaining points of interest, only the Tomb of Khafre is worthy of any serious discussion, as the rest are primarily treasure hunts or enemy camps.

Points of Interest
Camp Kataskinono
Lost Village
Mausoleion of Crow
Per-Wsir Hideout
Tomb of Khafre

Not included in this section is the Sphinx Passageway or the Eesfet Oon-m’Aa Poo, both of which will be covered in Chapter 11 - Unfinished Business , as part of the quest “Bayek’s Promise” .

Tomb of Khafre

The Tomb of Khafre is one of the great pyramids found in the Giza province, just west of the Great Sphinx and southwest of the Tomb of Khufu. Scale the northern end of the pyramid to find a passage leading into the interior. Make your way down a ramp to the south, then hop down some ledges and continue forward through a doorway to reach a dead-end chamber with a hunk of Silica on the floor.

Nab it, then leave the room and head back north to find that another passage continues down into the depths of the pyramid to the north, running under the ramp you walked down earlier. Continue down and the ground will level out, and when you find a cubby to the right, stop long enough to nab another piece of Silica and light a torch.

Continue forward a bit and turn left (west) to reach another apparent dead-end chamber. Light a torch, loot some containers, then search the southern wall at the western end of the room to find a hidden passage, which is, as usual, given away by the beetles flitting around it. In the room beyond continue south, light another torch, then head down a passage to the east to reach the tomb’s first puzzle room.

In the center of the room is a gilded boat, which serves as a lever as of right now… but ideally will be repurposed into a ramp, allowing you to reach some elevated ledges. Right now, however, Bayek’s weight will tip the boat if he walks on it, so instead, head behind the boat and push a rack of decorative shields behind the boat to keep it from tipping, then run up the boat and leap to the higher ledges.

Light some torches on the high ground you just reached and note the passage to the east… but turn around and leap across the platforms to the west, first, to reach a pharaoh statue. Search the ground near its feet to find a small white chest. Loot it, then leap back east and head down the previously neglected passage to find the tomb’s treasure room. Loot the side passages for some bags of coin and a chunk of Silica then head to the sarcophagus in the center of the chamber to find a white chest, a red chest, another piece of Silica and, of course, the Ancient Tablet .

With that, you’re done in this tomb, just head down a web-filled tunnel to the east, jump over some clutter, slide down a ramp, then turn south to reach daylight. You’ll surface in the ruins east of the pyramid.


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