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Fires of Dionysias

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 37

Farms on Fire

You could have started this quest earlier, during the quest “ The Crocodile’s Scales “, by talking to some of the men on Hotephres’ ship. Make your way to a savaged farm west of Euhemeria, where you’ll find a woman named Zahra, whose farm now lies in ashes. Naturally, she wants some revenge, but first, she wants to warn her neighbor, lest he suffer a similar fate. Follow her west and she’ll lead you near the Dionysias fast travel point, near which is her neighbor’s farm, along the way chatting about love and other overly personal business.

Talk to Zahra near her burnt farm (left) then head to her neighbor's farm and kill the bandits there (right).

When you arrive, both Bayek and Zahra will note some… uninvited guests, and since Zahra refuses stay back and let Bayek do his thing unimpeded, you’ll have to carry her along as you infiltrate the farm. Like most NPCs, she’ll make stealth difficult, and if you get into direct conflict, you may as well write off stealth entirely, as she’ll brazenly engage the rest of the bandits. Kill the bandits and enter the farm house, heading to the second floor to find Zahra’s neighbor. Talk to him, pick him up and carry him outside, set him down once you clear the confines of the farm house then talk to him again to learn the location of the bandit camp and the name of their leader - the Son of Ra.

You'll learn from Bion that the bandits operate out of the White Desert (left). Head to their camp and kill them (right).

White Desert Sobek Ruins

Mount your steed and ride south into the White Desert Oasis province as Zahra babbles incessently. Your destination is the White Desert Sobek Ruins point of interest, where you’ll find several bandits. Deploy Senu to locate your target, then search for the other bandits and the three treasures scattered about. Kill the target - an elite soldier type foe - and confirm the kill to loot the note The Blessing of Ra from his body.

Before you run off in search of this Son of Ra, you might as well finish up this point of interest. Make your way to the eastern edge of camp to find some scaffolding around a statue of Sobek. On this scaffolding you’ll find a large red chest. Under some ruins to the northwest you’ll find a shelter of sorts, where you’ll find a satchel on a table, which is the second treasure. The third and final treasure - a red chest - is to the south of the satchel, in another shelter under some ruins.

Reward: For completing the White Desert Sobek Ruins
450 XP

Dionysias Caravanserai

The bandit cronies may have been slain, but the mastermind - the Son of Ra - is still at large, being held captive in the Dionysias Caravanserai. While he’s physically restrained, his will is clearly being expressed by his followers, and his “prison” is, for all intents and purposes, a fortress. Make your way north and slightly west to reach the Dionysias Caravanserai, where Bayek will thankfully talk some sense into Zahra, who leaves him to handle this infiltration alone.

This medium-sized fort is home to a captain, a commander and two treasures, as well as about a dozen, lesser guards. Its walls likely won’t prove as useful to you as those of other forts, given that they’re somewhat short and less impressive. Still, guards patrol them, and can usually provide a fine way to exterminate a few foes, as well as move about from the walls to other elevated areas.

Bayek talks some sense into Zahra (left) which allows you to inflitrate the Dionysias Caravanserai on your own (right).

Wait until nightfall, as enemies will be less busy them (man of them will be sleeping!) then infiltrate by climbing the tower along the southeastern edge of the fort. Clear the guards there and note that there are always two guards standing outside of the Son of Ra’s cage. Might as well work around them, starting with heading west along the wall to find the fort’s alarm brazier. When done, backtrack to the tower, then head northwest through the gate and work your way through the rest of the fort counter-clockwise until, ideally, the only foes left are the two soldiers near the Son of Ra.

Kill the Son of Ra (left) then witness a scene where Bayek's actions are compared to those of the man he just killed (right).

Kill the last two enemies, then open the cage where the Son of Ra is imprisoned. Open the door and assassinate the cult leader to witness a scene similar to those you see after assassinating high-level targets… a reflection of what Bayek may have been like if he allowed his grief and thirst for revenge to overwhelm his morals. Before you run off to tell Zahra, let’s pick up the fort’s treasures. One can be found in the northwestern corner of the fort, in a brick fortification where convoys will stop from time to time. Enter the doorway to the south to find a large red chest. For the second and final treasure, enter a building north of the alarm brazier to find a small white chest on a desk.

Reward: For completing the Dionysias Caravanserai
900 XP

Leave the enemy fort and report your success to Zahra, who will make some… sexual-seeming offers at the end of the quest. Too bad for her, Bayek is already married. After the chat the quest will end, and you’ll find yourself with some more experience and the rare shield, Remission .

Reward: For completing the quest “Fires of Dionysias”
4,500 XP, Remission


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