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Sobek's Gold

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 27

Upside the Back of Your Head

This quest can be found just west of the Euhemeria Royal Granary, north of the Euhemeria fast travel point. Head to the quest marker to find a Sobek Priest smacking a boy on the back of the head, as much of a punishment to the priest’s hand as to the boy’s head. Still, the boy claims to be innocent, so go talk to this priest to find out what’s going on. Gold statues, a bit of incompetence, trouble at sea… either way, the kid probably deserves to be beaten, but whether it’s theft or an honest mistake, Bayek aims to discover the truth.

Head norto the reach the northern docks of Euhemeria, then deploy Senu to scan for the sunken statues near the Okteres Blockade point of interest. One seems to be underwater, as the boy claimed, but the second one is on board the octareme, which means… well, it’s a darn shame, but it looks like you have no choice but to deal with the soldiers on those ships so you can reclaim the statues in peace!

Okteres Blockade

Don’t view these ships as your typical trireme point of interest. Although superficially similar (you have to kill a captain), they’re best viewed as floating enemy forts - sizable ones, at that. To complete the event you’ll need to kill a captain, a commander, and loot two treasures. One treasure is on the larger, central ship, as well as the commander (level 29), while the captain (level 28) is on the eastern of the three ships. The second treasure is on the western ship, so no skimping and neglecting any particular vessel! The smaller ships each have about three soldiers on them, which isn’t too bad, while the central ship has six. Of course, you can’t rule out beasts in the water, either, so you shouldn’t commandeer a vessel of your own and plan on it being a long-term platform.

Instead, swim or sail to the western of the three ships and dispatch the guards there. This can easily be done by crawling along the edge of the deck and tossing the dinks off the side of the vessel, using whistles to lure them close enough to strike if they don’t volunteer themselves. Once done, head to the tent along the southern end of the ship, loot the red chest, then climb the mast, which serves as a fine firing platform from which you can rain death down upon the central ship.

Pick off any convenient targets, using a rope connecting this ship to the central ship to reach better vantage points, when necessary. You can even get a good spot to shoot down on the eastern ship from here, without ever touching the ground! It’s not all as good as it sounds, though. Some patience is required, as you don’t want to get shot off your perch by any of the better-armed guards, and picking off a brute or either the captain or commander from a distance is probably more trouble than it’s worth. Thinning the ranks will make stealth takedowns easier, however, and you can always climb down onto the octareme’s two towers, which house ballistae, perhaps providing enough firepower to more easily dispatch the sturdier soldiers.

Once the central ship is cleared, head to the northern end of the ship and loot a small white box on a table, then grab the statue off the swanky throne at the head of the ship. Reach the eastern ship by either using the suspended ropes to reach the mast, or by swimming. Either way, the captain, once isolated by some sniping, should be easy to pull off the deck or assassinate. Assuming you’ve completed all the other location objectives, this point of interest should be complete.

Reward: For completing the Okteres Blockade
900 XP

Sunken Trireme

From the smaller, eastern of the three ships making up the Okteres Blockade, jump into the water to the northeast and swim to reach the Sunken Trireme. Make sure Senu has located the two submerged treasures and the gold statue you’re after, then dive to retrieve them. Start at the southern-most treasure, dive to find a red chest in the interior of the ship, then swim north to find the second Sobek Statue, and finally, a white chest.

Reward: For completing the Sunken Trireme
450 XP

Swim or sail back south to Euhemeria to find the priest, still busy assaulting the boy. Give him the statues and exonerate the boy… of theft, at least, his incompetence is still a cause of concern. The priest, far from being grateful instead provokes Bayek before summoning two guards. You now have to fight two tower-shield and axe-armed brutes, and if you’re not equipped to deal with them (Overpower attacks are invaluable, as is any way of getting around their shield quickly, like weapons with the “Instant Charging” property), you may be better served by fleeing, hiding, then returning to take them out via stealth. Once they’re dead, talk to the assaulted novice to complete the quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “Sobek’s Gold”
3,000 XP

Now that you’re done in Euhemeria, you’re done in Faiyum… as far as quests, go. There are, of course, a few points of interest that you can deal with, if you so choose. As far as quests are concerned, however, you’ll need to head southeast to Krokodilopolis. Just sail east from Euhemeria to reach an island, make land, then follow some roads inland to reach Krokodilopolis… assuming, of course, you didn’t discover the area earlier when you were hunting down the treasure indicated by “The Blasphemer” Papyrus Puzzle.

In Krokodilopolis you’ll find that this are has no shortage of sidequests, including “ The Man Beast “ (Suggested Level: 28), “ The Champion “ (Suggested Level: 28), “ Sobek’s Tears “ (Suggested Level: 29) and “ The Jaws of Sobek “ (Suggested Level: 29). Whether you care to do these before or after continuing with “ The Crocodile’s Jaws“ is really a matter of preference more than anything else, although strictly following levels, you may as well continue with the main quest, first.


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