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The Man Beast

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 28

To start this quest, sail to and island northwest of Krokodilopolis, where you’ll find a farmer ranting about some “man-beast” to all who will listen. Fortunately for him, Bayek happens to be one of the listeners, so talk to the man and get more information on this “man-beast”.

Unfortunately, at first it seems like this is little more than a witch hunt to find blame for some natural phenomenon, as a nearby “maniac” is blamed for the deaths. Head south and talk to this crazy person, who… well, seems crazy enough. And unfriendly! Activate your Animus Pulse to highlight objects of interest around the investigation area, then examine some bloody baskets, some dismembered limbs near the shore, and two broken urns nearby. Once done, let Senu be your eyes and search upstream to a cave across the water to the east.

Head down the nearby dock and hop in a boat - you don’t want to be swimming in waters this dangerous, right? - and sail to the cave to the east. Unfortunately, when you reach the cave you’ll be forced to enter the water to continue further. Swim into the cave and dive to find a submerged passage leading further east, blocked by a wooden barrier you can smash down. This watery passage will eventually lead to a somewhat drier, obviously inhabited part of the cave.

Kill a crocodile (level 28), then climb a wooden fence and examine the furnishings. Seems somebody is deriving a sick form of entertainment by feeding the crocodiles. Turn south to find a caged man, smash the cage, then talk to him, who blames “the Embalmer”, who feeds abductees to the crocodiles here for show. After this revelation, Bayek decides to end this Embalmer’s sport for good.

Make your way north, past the seating area, to find some couches and an office of sorts. Read the letters and examine the riches if you want, which reveal that the Embalmer makes a lot of money, advertises somewhat openly, and that someone named “Sehetep” is fine with the blasphemy… as long as he gets a cut of the profits. Turn south and climb a ladder, then venture to the southern end of Krokodilopolis to find a search area, where you can use Senu to locate the Embalmer.

Approach the Embalmer, at which Bayek will stupidly call out his intentions and send the man running. He’s got one fairly powerful tower shield and sword-armed guard with him, and he doesn’t run anywhere in particular. Shoot down his guard, then chase down the Embalmer and assassinate him to end the quest. You don’t need a man-beast to make a monster, man alone does that job well enough.

Reward: For completing the quest “The Man Beast”
3,000 XP


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