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Wild Ride

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 12

Prove Your Worth

Start this quest by heading to the Zephyros Stables southwest of Kanopos, where you’ll find Nikias working somewhere on the stable grounds. Chat with him and Bayek, still being sour at Claridas, will be susceptible to attempts by the young Green to woo him into racing. After a chat with Nikias’s dad, Philocrates, you’ll find yourself walking to a chariot. Mount the chariot with Nikias and race around their track to the east. It’s not time or performance based, nor does it accurately reflect how the actual hippodrome races work, but just indulge him and complete the circuit.

When you return, Nikias will notice something wrong with his father. Go over and speak with Philocrates to find out that some horse thieves have absconded with Saganaki - their prized race horse. As Nikias rides off, summon your own mount and follow him as he rides east from Kanopos. When he dismounts, follow suit and make the rest of the trek over very horse-unfriendly terrain to the north until you spot the bandit camp, marked as the Als Hideout. Along the way, be wary of hippos and crocodiles in the water, and and any straggler bandits lurking beyond the confines of the camp.

Race around the chariot course (left) but beware sharp corners (right) as the chariot can become unwieldy.

Als Hideout

This is a small-scale, old-fashioned enemy outpost, one captain (level 13) and one treasure, which you may as well loot before you leave. In addition there are about a half-dozen guards (level 11-12), so it’s nothing you haven’t dealt with before. Use Senu to mark their locations, to spot Saganaki, and to note various opportunities you can make use of.

There a few odd oil pots you can shoot, as well as a caged Hyena you can let loose, but generally you can rely on whistles, foliage, and your hidden blade to do most of the work, supplanted by opportunistic archery. If you stay by Nikias and his Greens, none of your usual tactics will be possible, however, as they’ll gleefully run in and turn the affair into a ruckus.

Dispatch the bandits however you see fit, loot the big red chest in the middle of the camp, then find and mount Saganaki and ride her back to Zephyros Stables. Be wary of bandits who prowl about in the area and, of course, any more crocodiles and hippos. When you arrive at the Zephyros Stables, dismount to end the quest and claim your reward, which includes the Black Arrow mount.

Reward: For completing the Als Hideout
400 XP

Stealth is difficult as your comrades like to just wade into the fray. Once you've rescued Saganaki, ride the horse (right) on the long journey back.

Reward: For completing the quest “Wild Ride”
1,000 XP, Black Arrow

Before you move onto any other business, however, you might as well finish up the location objective for the Zephyros Stables you know, while you’re here and all. The Papyrus Puzzle scroll you need to find is on a table in a stable in the southeastern corner of the property, near where you left Saganaki in the care of Philocrates. The actual puzzle itself, “ Dead End “, will be solved later when you have cause to travel to the Sapi-Res Nome.

Reward: For completing the Zephyros Stables
300 XP


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