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Children of the Streets

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 23

Arson and Urchins

You can start this quest by heading to the southern end of Memphis, near the Temple of Hathor. Here you’ll find a plague of children running about, including one being chased by the accustations of “thief!”. Chase the kid down and he’ll lead you into an ambush, where you’ll have to fight off three bandits (level 23). Once they’re dead, the kid will congratulate you, reveal who he is working for and what is problem is, which Bayek, naturally, offers to help resolve.

Iphri’s sister, Kawit, is supposed to be near the shipyard to the east, so head on over to the marked location to find a burnt ship, now undergoing repair. Head to the eastern side of the vessel to find a wound in the hull you can enter, in which you’ll find some rope you can investigate. Leave the interior of the ship and make your way to the northern end of the vessel and investigate the ship’s unusually colorful sail, some wood off to the side, then talk to the oil merchant nearby. He’s pretty sassy at first, but smash some of his oil jugs and he’ll give you the information you want, which allows Bayek to piece together what happened.

Apagogeas Hideout

Head south and leave Memphis to find a search area, where Senu will prove the key to pin-pointing the location of the child you’re after, who happens to be held captive at the Apagogeas Hideout. Standard stuff here, you’ll need to kill a captain (level 24) and loot a treasure to complete the location objectives. There are also several lesser bandits (levels 22-23) patrolling the ship near which their camp is located. There’s no walls to hide behind, but there’s an ample amount of foliage to hide in. There’s no reason why Bayek can’t sneak up close and whistle them to death, one at a time. Once they’re dead, search the tents to find a red chest.

Reward: For completing the Apagogeas Hideout
600 XP

Gaias Villa

Once the Apagogeas Hideout point of interest is dealt with, board the ship and search behind some sacks to find a hiding girl, who will tell you that the rest of the children are being held captive by a woman named Gaia, whose villa is near the Temple of Hathor in Giza.

Make your way back northwest until you reach the edge of a search area, at which deploy Senu to locate the villa where the children are kept captive. Climb up to the roofs to reach the balcony, but be wary, as there are guards about (levels 22-23), perhaps half a dozen in total, one of which possesses Gaia’s Villa Cell Key . Work through the house, killing them as you find them and perhaps reading a bit of incriminating evidence. When you reach the ground floor, head outside and search the eastern end of the house to find some stairs leading down, at the bottom of which you’ll find Kawit in a cage. Free her - she doesn’t look much like a child - and when freed she’ll swear vengeance on the “Roman bitch who did this to my family”.

This ends the quest “ Children of the Streets “ and begins “ Mortem Romanum “, which has a Suggested Level of 30, so… it’ll be put on hold for a while.

Reward: For completing the quest “Children of the Streets”
3,300 XP


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