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The Healer

Nathan Garvin

Treasures in the Lake

Suggested Level: 3

Only one more quest left before you have nothing better to do than move on, this last quest can be found along the southeastern edge of Siwa. Just fast travel to the Siwa map marker and follow the road from there southeast and you should find the quest marker just north of the road. Find Rabiah near her house and talk to her to have Bayek offer to help. Given the name of this quest, you shouldn’t be the least bit surprised to find yourself tasked with hunting down some medicine that was intercepted by Ptolemy’s soldiers, and now rests at the bottom of the nearby lake.

From Rabiah’s house, simply summon Senu and have her fly over the lake and locate the three sunken medicine shipments, which are all in close proximity to each other. Once done, head north to the lake and dive in the water. Time for some swimming! Swimming in Assassin’s Creed Origins is mercifully simple, just press [Circle] (Playstation 4) or [B] (Xbox One) to dive, and once underwater hold [Circle]/[B] to descend, [X]/[A] to surface, and press [Square]/[X] to get a burst of speed. Just keep an eye on the blue oxygen bar on the bottom left of the screen and make sure you surface before you run out.

With that in mind, swim to the quest markers and dive to find the sunken ship. Mixed in with the medicine you’re after is plenty of mundane loot as well. Grab the three medicine jars and whatever else you want and note that south of the sunken ship are some submerged ruins. If you’re feeling greedy and adventurous, surface to refill your breath meter, then swim south into the ruins, at the end of which you’ll find a large white chest containing high-quality treasure. In a side chamber to the east of the chamber with the white chest you’ll find a red chest, while a second red chest can be found in a larger chamber north of the chamber that held the white chest. If you take three separate dives to find all these treasures you should have no trouble recovering them all. These ruins are roughly marked on your map as the “Lysandros’ Oracle Offerings”, and nabbing all three treasures will complete the location.

Use Senu to spot the medicine from the air (left) and then dive down to retrieve it (right). Be mindful of your breath meter too!

Reward (For completing Lysandros’ Oracle Offerings)
150 XP

Death in the House of Life

With the medicine in hand so to speak, fast travel back to the Siwa fast travel marker, from which head southwest to find Rabiah near the “House of Life”. Talk to her and hand over the medicine to learn that there’s another problem at hand - soldiers are occupying the House of Life, and regularly evict and rob Rabiah, to the detriment of the ill and needy of Siwa. Looks like a little murder is in order, no?

Continue southwest to reach the House of Life temple, which is a standard “Eradication Zone” bit of gameplay. Kill all the soldiers however you please and victory is yours. Since they’re all level two soldiers, they likely won’t fare any better than the ones at Camp Shetjeh did. In fact, you can simply scale the walls of this temple, and perch atop one of the massive pillars in the temple grounds and pick off a good number of enemies with a Predator Bow. Failing that, there’s plenty of grass to slink around in.

Once they’re all dead, note the location objective requires you to “Find Papyrus Puzzle”. Simply head to the entrance to the temple and make your way southwest under a massive doorway and up some stairs, then search a table inside a tent to the right to find the Papyrus Puzzle. That’s just easy experience waiting for you to come pick it up.

You can snipe many of the enemies from the roof with your bow (left) or you can run in all guns blazing (right).

Reward (For completing the House of Life)
150 XP

Speaking of easy experience, return to Rabiah and inform her that the temple has been cleansed with some light murder. After some chatter, the quest will end.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Elementary My Dear Bayek

Solve a papyrus mystery.

Trophy icon
Reward (For completing the quest “The Healer”)
600 XP, Legendary Trinket

A Long Drink

Before you move on, however, there’s one more thing you can do that’s… somewhat related to the quest you just completed. Although finding the Papyrus Puzzle scroll may have been good enough to complete the House of Life’s location objectives, the actual Papyrus Puzzle needs to be solved as well. You can find the scroll in your inventory, named “A Long Drink”, and if you read it you’ll note the following riddle:

“In Siwa, come find me at the bottom of the only bowl big enough for a god.”

Clearly it means a body of water, and clearly it has a connection to religion. While your first inclination might be to check out the obvious - the large lakes east and west of Siwa - note that the word “bowl” is to be taken into account to. The riddle is clearly referring to a deliberate, man-made circular container of water. You’ll find such a place just southeast of the Temple of Amun, in fact, east and slightly south of the Siwa fast travel point. You can even see it clearly marked on your map, appearing as a blue dot. Just head on over there, dive in the well and loot a submerged sarcophagus to complete this puzzle.


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