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Carpe Diem

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 35

Freeing Apate

You can start this quest by reading a letter found in the upper citadel section of the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel… ideally during the quest “ Playing with Fire “. Turns out that General Agrippa has ordered one of his subordinates, the commander of the Prasinos Outpost, to start inflicting that most famous form of execution - crucifixion. You’ll find the Prasinos Outpost between Kyrenaika Roman Outpost and the Oracle of Apollo, and the crucifixion site is along the road south of that.

Kill any Romans that get fiesty at your approach, then use Senu to locate the freedom fighter you’re after. You’ll find her on a platform east of the road, tied up and bound in preparation for her grisly fate. Kill the Romans nearby, free Apate and “escort”, or rather, follow her to safety, after which she’ll chat with you and goad Bayek into killing the commander of Prasinos Outpost, a vile man named Severus.

Slaying Severus

There are two ways of going about this, the good ol’ infiltrate the enemy camp and kill everybody way, or the wait for Severus to leave the camp with a small escort and kill him and his guards way. The latter is easier, but it’d be a shame not to clear Prasinos Outpost while you have the excuse to do so.

Ride back north to Prasinos Outpost and use Senu to spot Severus (level 35). Whether you care to complete Prasinos Outpost or not, your task will be easier if you rest until night, at which point wait for Severus to leave the camp and follow him (at a safe distance to avoid detection) to the Oracle of Apollo. When he dismounts, he’ll be much easier to kill, which should be a simple assassination. When he dies, the quest will end and you’ll obtain some Orders to Brutus .

Reward: For completing the quest “Carpe Diem”
2,250 XP

Prasinos Outpost

Now that Severus and his guard are dead, Prasinos Outpost’s troop count will be at pre-quest levels, and there’s no better time to complete the enemy camp than now. Make your way back south to the camp and use Senu to sniff out the captain (level 36), the commander (level 37) and both the camp’s treasures, assuming of course you didn’t do this already when looking for Severus.

If it’s still night, much of the eastern edge of camp will be sleeping, a tantalizing lure that begs you to circle around to the eastern edge of the outpost, climb down the cliffs, and ensure several Romans never wake up. Even in the day, it’s not a bad spot, as there is a garden you can hide in behind the tents near the cliff. After you’re done in the east you can head to the northeastern gate and climb the watch tower there, clear it of guards, then walk across a rope to another tower, which rises above the commander’s tent. The grass near the tent is another fine spot from which you can eliminate nearby foes. If you thin the ranks enough, make your way to another watch tower to the southwest, atop of which you’ll find the alarm brazier.

After all the Romans are dead, all that’s left is to grab the treasure and, if you’re feeling generous, free some civilians trapped in the depression in the center of the outpost. One treasure, a small white box, can be found in the commander’s tent, while the other can be found in a tent along the eastern end of camp, near the flower garden by the cliffs.

Reward: For completing the Prasinos Outpost
900 XP


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