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Precious Bonds

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 18

Hugros Crossing Watchtower

The road to this quest isn’t terribly long, but there’s a lot you can do on the way. That being the case, the guide will take you through more points of interest than usual when completing sidequests. Most are faily simple, however, and might as well just be completed along the way.

To start, follow the road running southeast from the southeastern end of Letopolis until it feeds into a “T” intersection in the south, near the Hugros Crossing Watchtower point of interest and a Ptolemy Statue. Ignore the latter for now and focus on the former, as guards from the watchtower include guarding the Ptolemy Statue as part of their patrol, so you might as well take them all out.

There are about a half dozen soldiers (level 20) stationed here, ranging from south of the tower itself to near the Ptolemy Statue. The watchtower itself and the surrounding grounds is a restricted zone, albeit a fairly small one. You can easily pick off a few enemies by simply staying out of the restricted zone and waiting for one of them to stray off on their own, after which using the nearby foliage can help you assassinate the rest. Kill the guards, loot the red chest atop the tower, then smash the Ptolemy statue to clear both of these points of interest off the map. Or… well, make them more transparent.

Reward: For completing the Hugros Crossing Watchtower
300 XP
Reward: For destroying a Ptolemy Statue
150 XP

Abandoned Temple of Kherty

Return to the three-way intersection near the Ptolemy Statue and follow the road west until you find another three-way intersection, at which turn down the road running south road running south. This road will run past the Abandoned Temple of Kherty point of interest before leading to a fast travel point.

The Abandoned Temple of Kherty isn’t too much bother, there’s about three bandits (levels 19-20) camping in the ruins. Kill them, loot the red chest out in the open and other, lesser containers, then return to the road and follow it south to reach the fast travel point. Synchronize with it, then continue following the road south.

Reward: For completing the Abandoned Temple of Kherty
300 XP

Khufu Temple Hideout

Travel along this road to the south until until you reach yet another “T” intersection. If you turn east you’ll end up near Kerkasoros, and while there’s a bit to do there, turn west instead and ford a river, beyond which is another three-way intersection. Follow the road northwest until you’re outside (west of) the nearby Khufu Temple Hideout.

While you technically have to infiltrate the Khufu Temple Hideout to reach the quest-give - a caged man named Oba - there’s a good chance you can simply infiltrate the western end of the fort, free Oba and carry him out without much trouble… but where’s the fun in that? Infiltrating from the west works just fine, simply crawl up onto the roof of the ruins (these bandits are terribly lax about patroling the high ground) and either snipe enemies from afar, perform takedowns from above, or drop down and lure guards to you, using the ruins as cover from which to ambush them. There’s about a half dozen bandits (level 18) and the obligatory captain (level 19). Once they’re dead, work your way east into the ruins to find a tent, in which you’ll find the chest you have to loot.

Reward: For completing the Khufu Temple Hideout
400 XP

Obas Palace

When the hideout has been cleared and completed, return to Oba, free him, then carry him outside and set him down. Following the standard set by all too many people rescued by Bayek, Oba doesn’t turn out to be crippled for long once he’s out of the bandit camp. He will, however, invite Bayek to join him in some opportunistic tomb-robbing, confiding that he’s seeking out a ring of unparalleled value… and they could sure use some Medjay muscle to get their hands on it.

Bayek agrees to accompany Oba to his “palace”, which means you’ll need to wait for the opportunist to mount up, then follow him until you reach… well, what kind of palace did you expect? Once there he’ll chat with a man named Nebti, speaking more of the ring, and ultimately some confederates of theirs who are no more skilled at staying out of the clutches of bandits than Oba is. One of them, Rashidi, may be in the care of another group of ne’er-do-wells, and the search area to the southwest, near the Khentkawes Hideout, seems to bear this out.

Khentkawes Hideout

From here you may as well ride south to reach the Great Sphinx, as simply getting close will unlock the fast travel point here, saving you some time in the future. From the Great Sphinx, ride southwest to reach a search area, then use Senu to locate Rashidi.

The hideout consists of large ruins, relatlively sparsely occupied by bandits (levels 17-18), a captain (level 19) and a commander (level 20). There’s a fair amount of cover in the form of foliage and ruins in the interior of the hideout, but the walls that surround the interior of the hideout offer the real opportunity in the form of a fine perch from which to pick off loners and, more importantly, the walls are poorly guarded, so it should be little trouble to scale them and use them to encircle the base, looking for opportunities. In fact, the only high ground the bandits tend to occupy is the building in the center of the hideout.

Exterminate the bandits as the opportunities presents themselves, then explore the interior of the hideout and plunder all the treasure you find. Be especially sure to search the western edge of the fort, where a number of tents have been set up. Inside the large, southwestern most one you’ll find a red chest, and in another, less descript tent to the north you’ll find a small white chest on a bench. Looting these treasures should complete the location objectives for this camp, assuming you killed the captain and the commander.

Reward: For completing the Khentkawes Hideout
600 XP

When you’re the lord and master of this hideout, it’s time to hunt for Rashidi. You’ll find him in the ruins east/southeast of where the bandits have set up camp, under the only ruins whose roof was actively patrolled by enemies. Like Oba, he’s got himself stuck in a cage and ill need to be carried out of the camp, after which he’ll miraculously recover the use of his legs.

Once outside, talk to him and he’ll be adamant about recovering the ring, which was stolen by another “brother” of theirs named Turo, who fled to the Hemon Tombs to sell the ring, and presumably keep the profits for himself. Check your map and note the search area a good ways to the northwest, beyond the great pyramids. At least it’ll be a scenic journey, no?

Hemon Mastaba

Ride on up there and when you get close, deploy Senu to locate this Turo who, as Rashidi said, is at the Hemon Mastaba point of interest. Head into these ruins to spot some dead bandits and hyenas. Looks like the beasts of Giza took care of this particular problem for you. From the bandit’s hyena-sacked campsite continue north to find an interior chamber, mostly boarded up, but with just enough space for Bayek to slide under and reach the chamber beyond. In here you’ll find Tula, but first, loot the red chest in the southeastern corner of the chamber, the white chest in the northwestern corner, and any lesser loot objects scattered about to complete this area’s location objectives.

Reward: For completing the Hemon Mastaba
300 XP

After proving yourself to be the superior tomb-robber, interact with Turo to find that… well, he’s quite dead. Worse still, a hyena apparently gobbled his hand, and the ring with it! This had better be a damned valuable ring if recovering it entails messing around with hyena innards or feces.

Leave the chamber that now serves as Turo’s tomb and ride across the dunes to the south, southwest to reach yet another search area. Use Senu to spot your ring-bearing hyena (level 18), hunt it down, kill it (and any other hyenas in the vicinity) then loot it and confirm your kill to recover the Giza Scavenger’s Ring . Doesn’t look all that special, but… if they can get money for it, good on them.

Hyena Lair

While you’re out here, you may as well clear one more point of interest and teach these hyena not to inconvenience you. You should have found the ring-eater near a road (or some tracks in the sand, as the case may be) running east to the Great Sphinx, and west into the mountains. Ride west until the road terminates at a Hyena Lair point of interest, although you’ll probably want to hop off your mount and scale some cliffs near the Hyena Lair. Hyenas aren’t great climbers, and any sheer cliff you can scale will allow you to rain death upon the beasts below. The hyenas (levels 17-18) mostly occupy a depression, but more can be found on higher ground to the west, southwest, where signs of human activity in the form of cages can be seen. Kill the target hyena (level 22) to complete this point of interest, but before you leave, be sure to seach some ruins northwest of the depression in which most of the hyenas dwelt to score a red chest,

Reward: For completing the Hyena Lair
300 XP

One Ring to Rule Them All

With that out of the way, return back to Oba and his crew, who dwell in their “palace” north of the Great Sphinx fast travel point, and south of the Eastern Cemetary Mastaba point of interest. When you reach the palace and approach the three surviving thieves they’ll run a little gag showing their lack of concern for the demise of their friend before they each start begging for sole possesion of the ring. Give whichever one of them you prefer the ring, it doesn’t really matter in the end, and Bayek leaves the greedy bastards little better off than when he found them.

Reward: For completing the quest “Precious Bonds”
2,000 XP

Eastern Cemetary Mastaba

Now, this quest may be over, but you did leave one point of interest in your wake… the Eastern Cemetary Mataba, which is north of Oba’s “palace”. Given all the points of interest cleared in the process of the last quest, it would be a shame to leave this one alone. Head north to reach the point of interest, use Senu to sniff out the location of the Papyrus Puzzle scroll, then climb atop the indicated building and drop through a hole on the roof. Once inside, turn west and grab the Papyrus Puzzle Scroll “ Stone Fungus “ off a table.

Reward: For completing the Eastern Cemetary Mastaba
300 XP

Stone Fungus

This Papyrus Puzzle isn’t too difficult to solve, so you might as well get around to claiming your treasure now. The scroll contains the following text:

In Giza, three pyramids stand tall. From the top of the smaller one you can see quite a lot, even two mushrooms rocks, the smaller of which I lay atop of.

The smallest of the three pyramids here is the Tomb of Menkaure, which you need to climb to the top of, and it lies west, southwest of the Great Sphinx fast travel point. Just follow the road nearby to the west until you’re north of the pyramid, at which dismount and climb to the top of the pyramid and loot northwest to find two vaguely mushroom-shaped rock formations.

Slide down the northern face of the pyramid and head northwest through the dunes to reach the “mushrooms”. When you’re standing below them, turn east and climb the smaller of the two, then search the top of the rock formation to find the treasure mentioned in the Papyrus Puzzle scroll.

With that, you’ve stomped around Giza quite a bit and cleared a good number of points of interest. Sure, there are still tombs to plunder - giant, pyramidal tombs - but those can wait for later. The next few sections of the guide will be dedicated to completing some outstanding sidequests in Alexandria, then clearing some points of interest to the north, after which the main quest “ The Hyena “ will be attended to.


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