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A Tithe By Another Name

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 10

Talk to the priest at the Sarapeion again, who should be in or near the temple of Serapis to learn that he’s having more trouble with the Phylakitai. Seems they’ve started moving in on the “tithing” business, and are bleeding the peasants a little too dry. In order to prevent the peasants from starving - and in Serapis’s name, at that - you’ll need to indulge in a bit of Robin Bayek and steal the food back from the guards.

The guards can be found to the northwest, in the outskirts of Alexandria on the peninsula. This part of the quest can have a fairly variable difficult due to the fact that random patrols of guards could be on hand to bolster the numbers of the guards you need to slay for the quest. Expect around a half dozen mounted guards (level 9-10) accompanying the food cart. Kill the guards, and when the coast is clear, take over the cart and drive it to the designated location; the slums west of the Sarapeion. When you arrive at the marked spot, dismount and talk to the priest to complete this quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “A Tithe By Another Name”
800 XP


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