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His Secret Service

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 38

You’ll start this quest automatically just by finding Khati, who is held in a cave along the northeastern edge of the Chersonesos Roman Fort. While you can pretty easily sneak around the fort and scale the cliffs to reach Khati’s cage without much fuss, getting him out of the camp is another matter. That being the case, you may as well resign yourself to the task at hand - clearing out the Chersonesos Roman Fort.

Chersonesos Roman Fort

This is probably the most dangerous fort you’ve encountered so far, and for a variety of reasons. First, it’s a massive structure with a lot of enemies within it and high enemy density. Second, it doesn’t have large, convenient walls you can run around, like the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel, nor are the various parts of the fort as neatly partitioned. Third, and perhaps more importantly, there’s a scepter-wielding super captain (level 39) along the northern end of the fort. There are unguarded cliffs along the northern edge of the fort you can use to reach the interior and a scattering of foliage throughout the fort you can hide in, but little else in the way of helpful terrain.

You probably don’t want to stumble into a fight with the super captain, so you should instead prepare to engage him on your own terms, which means clearing the area around him. Arguably, this isn’t terribly easy, but you can likely sneak around the northern edge of the camp to reach the northeastern-most watch tower, upon which you’ll find the alarm brazier. Disable it, then either drop down and hide in the grass and lure enemies to their demise and/or snipe them from high ground. When the upper section of the camp is clear, try to start out the fight with the super captain with a sneak attack, followed by an Overpower attack, after which rely on charged heavy attacks to keep him on his ass, or use ranged attacks to whittle him down.

Once the super captain is slain, the lower (southern) section of the camp should be easier to clear, as there are some substantial wooden fortification and towers you can use to your advantage. Just be wary of convoys stopping in via the southern gate, an ever-present hazard when attacking enemy camps. When the foes are slain, it’ll be time to loot the location’s four treasures.

Infiltrate the Chersonesos Roman Fort and start picking off soldiers as the opportunity presents itself (left) and when the fort is clear, go after the super captain (right).

Treasure #1 : Head north from the camp’s southern-most gate and enter the first building to the east. Inside this stone building you’ll find a red chest.

Treasure #2 : Make your way northwest from the building where the last treasure was to find another stone building, which is just south of the gate leading to the upper section of the camp. You’ll find a large red chest inside this building.

Treasure #3 : Leave the building where you found the last treasure and head uphill to the north, passing through the large wooden arch dividing the lower camp from the upper camp. Continue north to reach the commander’s tent, in which you’ll find a small white chest.

Treasure #4 : From the commander’s tent, head west past some lion cages to find a white tent, inside of which is the final treasure - a white chest.

Reward: For completing the Chersonesos Roman Fort
1,500 XP

Find and free a captive spy (left) then carry him to safety outside of the camp (right).

Once the camp is cleared, find Khati in his cage in the northeastern corner of the camp to properly start this quest. Free him, carry the wounded man out of the camp… which is why you cleared it earlier, right? Once you’re out, set him down and talk to him and he’ll reveal that he’s one of Apollodorus’ spies, because spies have a habit of just telling everybody they’re spies. Anyway, a Roman centurion ended up getting his hands on a list of his confederates, who are naturally in danger because of this.

Locate the Roman Centurion (left) and find the list of spies on his corpse (right).

Hydrax Roman Camp

You’ll find this centurion traveling between the border camps running south through Marmarica, and he’ll lead you on a merry chase before likely ending up at the Hydrax Roman Camp. Head on over there and use Senu to mark your target and the locations of the other Romans in the camp. This camp is no Chersonesos Roman Fort, it’s much smaller, and while the enemies are densely packed, you can find plentiful foliage to hide in, making it a trivial matter to kill the enemies within. When you kill the target centurion you’ll obtain the note Apollodorus’ Agents in Kyrenaika , which completes this quest. Before you leave, be sure to enter the stone building and pillage the large red chest in the southeastern corner.

Reward: For completing the Hydrax Roman Camp
600 XP
Reward: For completing the quest “His Secret Service”
3,000 XP


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