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Are You Not Entertained?

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 37

Assuming you’ve been following the guide chronologically, this should be the last quest in Cyrene. You can start it in two different ways, either by heading to the Gladiator Arena on the eastern edge of the city and investigate some graffiti on the wall, which directs you a gladiator school outside of town… or you could just head right to the gladiator school directly. The Gladiator school is just south of the Gladiator Arena, beyond the walls of Cyrene. Head there and talk to the Lanista, who will talk only briefly of his runaway gladiator, the Thracian Bear, before he decides to force you to fight some of his men to prove you’re worth his time.

Talk to the Lanista and he'll demand you prove your worth (left), by fighting his lesser gladiators (right).

Follow him west while he complains about his ungrateful slave, before he reveals the real issue at hand. Turns out this Thracian Bear stole a prized sword from the Lanista during his escape, and that’s really what he wants back. Defeat his gladiators - they’re common, low-level grunts that shouldn’t present you with the slightest difficulty - then talk to the Lanista again and he’ll point you towards a farm east of Cyrene.

Kill the lions at the farm (left), then search for a letter in a hidden cellar (right).

Silphion Farm

As the Lanista promised, you’ll find the farm you’re looking for - Silphion Farm - east of Cyrene. Head on over there, and when you arrive you’ll find many dead peasants and two lions drawn to the corpses. Put the lions down, then loot a red chest along the northern end of the barn, near some shelves surrounded by a straw wall.

Reward: For completing the Silphion Farm
450 XP

Now go head near the barn and use your Animus Pulse to highlight things you can examine. Investigate three different corpses, then head into the barn and search the floor along the southern end of the barn to find a pit covered with reeds. Break the reeds and drop down into the hole, then read a letter on a table to shed light on the location of Polymestor, the Thracian Bear, and why these farmers were killed.

Talk to Polymestor (left) then go recover the sword he discarded (right).

Climb out of the hole and make your way northwest to reach a small fishing village along the coast. When you get close, use Senu to spot Polymestor, who… well, he’s the giant, hammer-wielding man wearing very little clothes. Talk to him and he’ll air his grievances with the Lanista before telling you he threw the Lanista’s sword into the sea. Summon Senu again and detect the sword, then swim out and retrieve it.

When you surface, the Lanista and his men will have arrive - fight them off (left) then talk to Polymestor a final time (right).

Return to shore with the sword and, as Bayek suggests, seek out Polymestor, who is having a bit of a confrontation with your employer, the Lanista. Unfortunately, there’s no decision to be made here, no morality component at hand - the Lanista used you to find Polymestor, and now no longer has any use for you. Join Polymestor in fighting off the Lanista (a dual sword wielder) and his guards, after which talk to Polymestor and he’ll let you keep the sword in thanks… not that he should really have any claim to it anymore. Finders keepers, right? Anyways, with that, this quest is over.

Reward: For completing the quest “Are You Not Entertained?”
3,000 XP, Sword of the Free


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