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Plight of the Rebels

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 40

Start this quest by visiting Remetch Ra, located in the eastern end of the Isolated Desert area. Enter the cave guarded by a trio of rebels and proceed to the cavern’s depths to find a woman named Nawa filling the heads of children with anti-Pharaoh propaganda. Talk to her and she’ll tell Bayek that some children ran off after a rebel named Sebni filled their head with stories of Alexander the Great, and Sebni and a comrade themselves were captured when they went looking for them. Bayek, as usual, adopts the vague mantle of “protector” and agrees to help resolve the situation.

Talk to Nawa, who will tell you about some missing children - and missing rebels who went out to rescue said missing children (left). Rescue the rebels to fing out where the children went (right).

Camp Hetoimazo

Your first goal is Camp Hetoimazo, to the north, northeast, where Sebni and his friend are supposed to be imprisoned. Head up there, scan the area with Senu, and mark the locations of the captive rebels, the camp’s guards, captain and treasure. There’s a good chance that when you approach, you’ll witness some rebels attacking the camp, too, and these remove all benefit of - and need for - stealth and strategy. They are more than capable of clearing the camp themselves, in fact. Kill your does, then loot a red chest in a tent to complete the area’s location objectives.

Reward: For completing Camp Hetoimazo
600 XP

Free Sebni and his friend, Khamet, along the southeastern edge of camp, then escort them out of hostile territory. Once safe, Sebni and Khamet will both suggest a possible location where the children may be found, then split up to find them. Summon your mount and follow Khamet northwest to the Temple of Alexander, along the way to which he’ll chatter about the threat the Pharaoh and his forces pose for these isolated desert-dwellers, and about the children you seek.

Kill the bandits lurking around Alexander's Temple (left) then descend some stairs and attempt to move a rack to discover one of the missing children (right).

Alexanders Temple

When you reach the temple, kill several guards in and around the temple, then head into the temple ruins, being wary of cobras on the ground as you go, as they’re thick around here. When the coast is clear, use your Animus Pulse to tag numerous objects you can search, but all you really need to do is head down some stairs and attempt to move an object blocking your way, at which a child - Hetanu - will cry out.

You’re not getting in this way, and fortunately another route exists… but first, there’s treasure to be found! Use Senu to locate two bits of treasure, one below you, and another in some ruins to the east. You can also use Senu to mark the location of a cave entrance to the south. Head to the ruins to the east and nab the treasure satchel there, which is guarded by some cobras, including an out-of-place target cobra, despite not having a point of interest to go with it.

Swim through a submerged tunnel (left) then kill the cobras in Alexander's Temple (right).

After you’re done with the ruins to the east, head south to reach a body of water. Jump in and swim to the northwestern edge of this pond, where you’ll find a submerged tunnel that’ll lead you to the interior of Alexander’s Temple. Make the short swim, slide through a hole in the wall, then examine a dead snake before climbing up a ledge and squeezing through a wall to reach a treasure chamber. Tread carefully, as there are a great number of cobras on the floor, about a dozen of them, in total. Kill them all, then loot one white chest and examine another, already-plundered one to learn about some shield the kids found within. Finish looting the chamber, smash some pots and move a rack in the northwestern corner of the chamber, then talk to Hetanu and escort him out of the temple.

Reward: For completing Alexander’s Temple
450 XP

Murdering Medon

Once outside, talk to Khamet and you’ll learn where Istellah went, and hence, your next destination. Mount up and head south to reach the Theos Elpis Rift, this “chasm camp” they keep speaking of. Unfortunately, when you arrive you’ll find out that you’re not the only one interested in the place, as it’s under attack by the Pharaoh’s soldiers. Either head into the ravine and join the rebels as they attempt to fend off the enemy, or stay atop the rocks overlooking the ravine and shoot down at your foes from above. When they’re dead, talk to Sebni and he’ll tell you that Istellah was abducted by a man named Medon, captain of the Pissa Oros Citadel.

Wait for your opportunity, then chase down Medon (left) and confirm your kill (right).

You now have two objectives - rescue Istellah from the Pissa Oros Citadel, and kill Medon. And no, for once they’re not in the same place. Medon rides around on his chariot between the road south of the Theos Elpis Rift and the Pissa Oros Citadel. Get close and use Senu to confirm the identity of your target, then pick a proper location to ambush him, preferably one away from any enemy camps to reduce the number of foes you’ll have to face. As usual with these kinds of encounters, convoys may randomly show up and make you miserable, especially since enemies here aren’t exactly shy about tossing fire bombs at you. Once Medon is slain, confirm the kill to obtain Alexander’s Shield , a rare (purple) quality shield.

Pissa Oros Citadel

Make your way to the southwestern corner of the Isolated Desert province and you’ll find the Pissa Oros Citadel, a fortification as deserving of the title “citadel” as any other in Egypt. The location features a commander (level 40), two captains (levels 39), including a scepter-wielding super captain, and numerous lesser soldiers (levels 37 - 38), although given the size of the place, enemy density isn’t what it could be.

The massive walls of the Pissa Oros Citadel provide many opportunities for an assassin to cause mischief (left). Clear the citadel so you can face the super captain in a one-on-one battle (right).

In fact, while daunting, the walls of this place make for an easy infiltration and running the walls will allow you to kill many of the guards in the citadel with little trouble. As usual, the size and elevation of the walls and the fact that you’ll usually encounter one guard at a time atop them works in Bayek’s favor. These walls are, however, more complicated and inter-connected than the ones at, say, the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel, so you will have to be more aware of your surrounding to avoid running into trouble.

The safest way to enter - one of many fair options - is to simply climb around the fort to reach a wall along the southwestern edge of the high ground the citadel is built on, which projects across a ledge and overlooks the road below. Running northeast on this wall will prevent you from being flanked, initially. Make your way northeast along this wall and you should reach a courtyard where many rebels are caged, and where Istellah apparently awaits you hidden in some hay on the back of a wagon. The citadel could use a little clearing out before you free her, so ignore her, but from here you should easily be able to climb some more walls to the northeast and dispatch the handful of guards between you and the citadel’s sole alarm brazier. Even more opportunistically, if it’s night you may five several guards sleeping in a structure to the southeast. A tempting target indeed.

Work your way through the rest of the fort, avoiding the super captain for now in preference of easier targets. As usual, only when the rest of the camp is cleared - or you’re at least reasonably sure all nearby foes that may complicate matters are slain - should you engage the super captain. The soldiers along the northeastern end of the citadel are a tad more densely packed, and some of the distances involved make supplementing your stealth with archery ideal. When you’re ready, engage and kill the super captain. By now you know how this works, start out with a sneak attack and Overpower attack, then keep the pressure up by constantly performing charged heavy attacks, or remain distant and pelt him with arrows until your Overpower meter is recharged again.

Now that all the foes are dead, it’s time to loot the place. Fortunately, all the treasures worth grabbing (all the location objective treasures) can be found in the central structure of the citadel. Make your way northeast of the courtyard where Istellah and the caged rebels can be found to find another, more elevated ring of fortifications, atop of which the citadel’s alarm brazier is found.

Treasure #1:

From the alarm brazier head up some stairs to the north, then turn southeast to reach a room in which you’ll find a red chest. It’s near an urn behind a ladder, along the northeastern corner of the room.

Treasure #2:

Continue southeast across a short wall to reach another room, inside of which you can find another small red chest.

Treasures #3 & #4:

Exit via a doorway to the southwest and head down the wall until you find some stairs descending to the northwest. When you reach the ground, turn north and head under an archway to find the commander’s chamber, wherein you’ll find a small white chest and a normal white chest.

Reward: For completing the Pissa Oros Citadel
1,500 XP

After clearing the citadel, loot it for your well-deserved reward (left), then ride the wagon in which Astellah hides to safety (right).

After completing the Pissa Oros Citadel, return to the courtyard where Istellah is hiding and free her rebel pals, if you want to score some easy experience. Once done, hop on the wagon she’s hiding in and drive it out the citadel’s eastern gate, then follow the roads to a fast travel point (which marks a rebel camp) to the south. When you arrive Istellah will thank you and this quest will end.

Reward: For completing the quest “Plight of the Rebels”
7,500 XP


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