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Halo of the Huntress

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 34

The next quest will take you a bit to the north, to the northern edge of the Green Mountains province, just southeast of Cyrene, where you’ll find the Oracle of Apollo point of interest and a fast travel point. It’s a bit out of the way, but given the choice to follow level requirements or follow geography, it’s usually better to do the former.

Oracle of Apollo

Follow the roads running largely north from the Vitruvius’ aqueduct until you reach the Oracle of Apollo, synchronize with the fast travel point, then use Senu to mark the location of the Papyrus Puzzle scroll. Once done, head into the shrine built into a cave and pluck the scroll “Wet Work” off the floor near a box of flasks.

Reward: For completing the Oracle of Apollo
450 XP

Phoebes Prophecy

You can hunt down this puzzle later, since it takes you back to Vitruvius’ aqueduct. Continue deeper into the cavern temple and talk to Phoebe, the priestess and she’ll babble prophetic nonsense, mentioning some “halo of the huntress”, which she bids you to find in a “lake of tears high in the mountain”… apparently for no better purpose than to enrich yourself. It’s good when the gods want you to prosper, eh?

Leave the temple and follow a trail southwest into the mountains, where you’ll find the Collis Roman Hunting Camp near a fast travel point. Synchronize with the fast travel point (might as well, right?) then send Senu aloft to confirm that, sure enough, the trinket you’re looking for is in the roman camp. Strange how that always seems to happen, eh?

Collis Roman Hunting Camp

You should also notice that the camp is in disorder, as it’s currently being attacked by bandits. The Romans should win the fight handily, and honestly, it’s probably best to let the fighting die down so you can go about your stealthy business. Nobody cares about whistles when more obvious threats are present, after all. Then again, you may find repeated waves of mounted bandits complicate matters further, especially since the Romans won’t be shy about using the alarm brazier to summon their own reinforcements against such foes, and on top of that, supply convoys will regularly pass through, making the fort a volitile place for stealth at the best of times.

If you’re willing to make the attempt, approach the camp from the east to find some bushes near the palisade, which conveniently has a gap you can slip through, beyond which is more foliage. You can use this cover to move around a large lion cage and, hopefully, kill at least a few guards. Do what you can, and if things get messy, don’t be afraid to settle things in a more… direct manner. However it goes down, when you’re the last living humanoid in the camp, search a tent opposite a shrine to find a large red chest.

Reward: For completing the Collis Roman Hunting Camp
600 XP

Now that the Collis Roman Hunting Camp has been completed, head to the shrine on the western edge of the camp, descend the stairs to reach the underground interior of the shrine. Turn north to find a weak seciton of wall, smash through it, then enter the dark chamber beyond. Take out your torch to discover a statue of Cyrene, then grab the crown - The Halo of the Huntress - off a platform near the statue’s feet to complete the quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “Halo of the Huntress”
2,250 XP

Wet Work

While the next quest (if you’re following the guide chronologically, anyways) leads you north, to Cyrene, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t backtrack and take care of the Papyrus Puzzle scroll “Wet Work”, which reads:

In the Green Mountains where they’re building a great aqueduct, go find its source high up in the mountains. Inside, you can find me sitting at the bottom of the lowest pool, tucked away bsides two large jars.

Fast travel back to the fast travel point near the Aquaductus Kyrenaike and head northwest along the aqueduct to reach the caves you entered… again, assuming you completed “ The Good Roman “. When you reach the cave with the pool of water fed by the waterfall, jump into the water, dive, and swim northwest to find two urns. Your treasure is between them.


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