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Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 9

Death Over Dates

The final quest in Yamu can be found nearby, just head south from where you left Beka to find some bodies lying in salt. Appears strange enough to modern sensibilities, and apparently its an aberration to Bayek, as well, enough so that he decides to have a word with the embalmer. Return back northwest to find the embalmer, who naturally enough is in the same area where Beka now rests. Ask him about the body and he’ll tell you the sad story, and tell you about the sole surviving relative of the corpses, a woman named Iras.

The next phase of this quest requires you to travel north from Yamu, for a change, just follow the road running through Yamu to the north, across a fordable body of water, and turn uphill to the west past a Vulture Lair. When you get near the house, be sure to dismount and sneak the rest of the way there, as Bayek will notice soldiers as he approaches.

Hide in some foliage, use Senu to spot your objective, and mark the location of your foes (levels 8-9), including a rather large specimen (level 10), of which there are only several. Take them out however you see fit. There’s a good bit of tall grass, but it’s frequently broken up by walls and irrigation ditches, so you’ll likely have to lure enemies to you, rather than going to them. Archery also works to thin the herd, of course. When the last foe falls, Iras will come out of hiding and fill you in on the story, eventually pointing you to a villa to the north.

Lakeside Villa Outpost

Hop back on your mount and ride back east near the Vulture Lair, then follow the road running along the coast to the north, eventually passing a Hippo Lair. Ignore it and continue riding north until you get in the search radius of the villa, which just so happens to be the Lakeside Villa Outpost point of interest. Like all enemy strongholds you’ve encountered so far, the location objectives are to 1) kill the captain and 2) loot a treasure chest. The quest objective, however, is to locate the information you were sent here to recover, a task that’ll be easier if you eliminate the guards. Two birds and all that.

Send Senu flying when you approach and mark the locations of the captain (level 9), his subordinates (level 7-8) the alarm brazier (located on top of the northeastern watch tower) and the quest objective, which is on a table near the tents in the courtyard. This isn’t a difficult infiltration, even though there’s only around a dozen enemies (including the captain), and the area is relatively small, so a mistake is likely to be noticed by more than one enemy. Still, if you disable the alarm and pick a few choice targets off with a bow, you shouldn’t have too much trouble. You can thin the herd a good deal by simply running around the exterior walls and eliminating the guards near the gates, which you can do with easy takedowns, since the area outside the walls (where they stand) aren’t part of the forbidden zone. For the most fun, however, there’s a ballista atop the western wall, which you can use to rain glorious death down upon the miserable soldiers below.

However you manage it, eliminate the guards, then search the tents to find a large chest, then finally read a letter on a table outside of one of the tents to identify the conspirator who got Iras’s family killed, and where he’s located.

Reward (For completing the Lakeside Villa Outpost)
200 XP

Fertile Lands

A while back you got the Papyrus Puzzle “Fertile Lands” from Hypostyle Hall. The text on it is as follows:

“A few hundred meters northwest of the temple of Sekhmet in Yamu, which resides by Lake Mareotis, there is a great place to go for a date. Full of palm trees and surrounded by desert, one rock fence was built and closed off with no exit. Find me there.”

Well, this one is rather inelegant and blunt, isn’t it? The location described is a dead ringer for where this quest just took you; a date orchard surrounded by desert with plenty of stone fences. Search the western end of the ruins to find some houses, south of which you’ll find a small, fully-enclosed stone fence, in the middle of which is a date tree. Hop on in and search the tall grass to find the treasure mentioned in the Papyrus Puzzle.

Seeking Sophronios

Sophronios, the man behind the murder of Iras’s family, lives along the western edge of Alexandria, providing a fine transition between this quest and “Aya” , should you neglect the points of interest section for Lake Mareotis. At the very least, it’ll get you to Alexandria. Follow the main road north, then turn east and cross the bridge to reach the outskirts of Alexandria. As soon as you pass through the arches leading to the city proper, dismount and deploy Senu to locate Sophronios, who can either be found in a house near the market just north of the road, or in the market outside.

He’s not exactly adept at hiding, as you’ll hear him complaining about the farm he’s trying to murder his way into possession of. His house is a restricted zone, so common sense should tell you not to just barge on in there, and failing that, the three guards (level 9) he employs might serve as better deterrent. Note that while his house is a restricted zone, the balcony behind (on the northern end of) his house isn’t, and you can easily snipe him through the door if you wish. If he’s out in the market, it’s an even easier shot, just climb up onto a roof and put an arrow in him. Once Sophronios is slain, the quest will end.

Reward (For completing the quest “Birthright”)
600 XP

Now you have a choice to make - continue into Alexandria proper, or return to Lake Mareotis and clear out the points of interest. Well, all those of a reasonable level, anyways, which is most of them. You probably don’t need the experience anymore, but there’s still plenty of incentive to spend more time in Lake Mareotis. As encountered earlier, there are plenty of hippos and crocodiles in the waters of Lake Mareotis, and they drop Hard Leather, which can be used to upgrade your Bracer (melee damage) and Breastplate (Health). Spending some time harvesting these beasts could make you much stronger than mere levels alone, and is worth considering. Since many of the points of interest will take you near such beasts, you can accomplish both tasks simultaneously.


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