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List of Trophies and Achievements (4)

Nathan Garvin
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Archer of the Month

Headshot kill an enemy with the bow while in the air.

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For this trophy/achievement, you’ll need the Elite Ranger ability, which on its own isn’t terribly useful, as the jumps that make it worth using are also likely to injure you when they land. Plus, there’s almost never any actual incentive to use it in normal gameplay, unless you’re just trying to show off. In any event, the concept is simple enough, find some soldiers - preferably stationary ones that aren’t immediately hostile - climb somewhere high, leap off, and aim your bow (hold [L2] or [LT]). Put an arrow in somebody’s head while performing your silly slow-mo jump and you’ll get this trophy/achievement as a token of your malleability to intangible incentive.

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Kill 30 enemies by shooting a fire arrow at oil jars.

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In almost every enemy camp in the game you’ll find oil jars, red urns containing flammable liquid which you can use to your advantage. Find a fire source (or ideally, use a bow with the “On Fire” property), wait for a guard to stand near the urn, then shoot the turn with a flaming arrow to break the turn, spill the oil, and set it on fire. If the enemy dies, you’re golden, just do it thirty more times.

It’s somewhat time consuming, as there are usually only a few opportunities to do this in each enemy camp, at best. The task is made all the more complicated when it requires patience for an enemy to get into position, when they manage to put themselves out, and when you inevitably have to deal with the aggression of their allies. The Kibotos Arsenal (Alexandria) worked as a decent grinding spot, being a large, dense enemy camp that made stealth easy, even after shooting, as well as having many oil jars to shoot and compliant guards who didn’t mind standing by them. If you quit to the main menu and reload, you’ll respawn slain enemies and smashed oil jars.

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Rider's License

Use all types of vehicle at least once.

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To get this trophy/achievement, you’ll have to commandeer and ride in/on a variety of different mounts and vehicles, including the following:

  • Camel (you’ll accomplish this during the first quest in the game).
  • Horse (buy one from a stable or steal one from a soldier - you’ll also get a few as quest rewards).
  • Horse-drawn cart (these can be found throughout Egypt, typically driven by the leader of a convoy).
  • Ox-drawn cart (found mostly in rural areas - such as Siwa - they are commonly driven by peasants).
  • Chariot (participate in any Hippodrome race).
  • Felucca (a sailed, wooden boat, common in all waters, often operated by soldiers).
  • Reed boat (a sailless boat made of reeds).
    Pilot all of those and you should get your trophy/achievement.
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Old Habits

Complete all locations.

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By far the most difficult, time-consuming trophy/achievement in the game, Old Habits requires you to complete all locations. This means you have to find every Ancient Tablet in every tomb, clear all enemy camps, activate every Ancient Mechanism (which means you also have to obtain well over fifty chunks of Silica), find all the treasure at various points of interest, clear every beast lair, kill every ship captain, kill all the war elephants, destroy every Pharaoh Statue, solve all the Stone Circles, find (but not solve) every Papyrus Puzzle scroll and synchronize with every fast travel point.

Fortunately for you, the walkthrough is designed specifically with these goals in mind, so if you follow it, clear points of interest that various main quests and side quests take you to, then finish up the points of interest sections afterwards, you should be fine. As for general tips… make a point to go out of your way to synchronize with every fast travel point, as they’ll increase Senu’s perception, making it quicker and easier to find things with Senu, and they’ll reveal undiscovered points of interest on the map.

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Run For Your Life

Run away from 3 fights with a hippopotamus.

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To get this trophy/achievement, find any hippopotamus, get close enough for combat to start (Bayek’s Overpower bar will appear) then simply run away. When combat ends (the Overpower bar vanishes), return to the hippo and provoke it again. Repeat until the trophy/achievement pops.

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Elementary My Dear Bayek

Solve a papyrus mystery.

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You’ll get this trophy/achievement by solving any one Papyrus Puzzle scroll. To complete a particular point of interest you need only pick up the scroll, but for this trophy/achievement, you actually need to find the treasure. There are twenty-five of them throughout the game, and you’ll find their solutions scattered throughout the walkthrough. Since there’s a high likelihood that you’ll score some legendary gear for solving such a puzzle, you have plenty of incentive besides gamer cred to hunt them down.

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Reduce Reuse Recycle

Sell 100 trinkets at once.

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If you’re not careful, this trophy/achievement could become a tedious time-sink, as you need to sell one hundred trinkets at once. Trinkets are various objects found, usually by looting urns or killing soldiers, that serve no purpose other than selling. If you stock up on them and don’t sell them throughout the game, you’ll have collected a good deal by the end of the main story, but likely not enough unless you also tackle side quests and points of interest. Considering it can take more than the average game length of play to accumulate one hundred trinkets, expect it to take quite a few hours to grind if you sell any before you have enough to unlock this trophy/achievement. Spare yourself the tedium, don’t sell any trinkets until you have enough, and even then, before you do, make a backup save in online storage or on a USB device, just in case.

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Use Dawn & Dusk to make time speed forward 30 times.

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Learn the Dusk & Dawn ability from the Seer tree, then use it thirty times.

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You’ll reach level twenty just by playing the game, no special effort needed to earn this trophy/achievement.

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Complete all 12 Stone Circles.

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You’ll need to track down all twelve Stone Circle points of interest across Egypt, which requires quite a bit of travel. When you arrive at each one, you’ll need to interact with the Stone Circle and align a constellation with its counterpart in the sky. This task will get easier as you solve them, because you’ll be able to use previously-solved constellations as a reference for new ones. To get more details on this, check out the quest “Bayek’s Promise” , which can be found in the “Unfinished Business” section of the guide. Solve all twelve to earn this trophy/achievement.

Area Stone Circles Level
Amun Strone Circle Siwa 1 - 5
Divine Lion Stone Circle Iment Nome 6 - 8
Serqet Stone Circle Iment Nome 6 - 8
Hathor Stone Circle Ka-Khem Nome 17 - 20
Pisces Stone Circle Faiyum 24 - 29
Taweret Stone Circle Faiyum 24 - 29
Horus Stone Circle Uab Nome 29 - 33
The Scales Stone Circle Uab Nome 29 - 33
The Great Twins Stone Circle White Desert Oasis 36 - 40
Apis Stone Circle Isolated Desert 37 - 40
Goat Fish Stone Circle Isolated Desert 37 - 40
Osiris Stone Circle Qattara Depression 37 - 40
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Master Diver

Complete 15 underwater locations.

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To earn this trophy, you’ll need to complete fifteen underwater locations, which exclusively means you’ll need to find points of interest in the water, use Senu to scan for the locations objectives (treasure) then dive and collect it. There are well over twenty such points of interest in the game (check out a list of likely points of interest, below), although you’ll have to go through a great deal of trouble and travel to get the fifteen you need.

Underwater Location Province
Lysandros’ Oracle Offerings Siwa
Sunken Desmoterion Ship Lake Mareotis
Adexios Naftis Shipwreck Lake Mareotis
Dead Men Tell No Tales Lake Mareotis
Narrow Crevice Alexandria
Heket Beer Cache Kanopos Nome
Sunken Temple of Sarapeion Kanopos Nome
Altar to Hapi Ineb-Hedjet Nome
Mausoleion of Crow Giza
Sunken Temple of Ramses Memphis
Sunken Temple of Pnepheros Faiyum
Sunken Trireme Faiyum
Wrecked Felucca Faiyum
Sesen Grotto Faiyum Oasis
Immersed Reed Pakton Faiyum Oasis
Piamouei Colossi Faiyum Oasis
Opos Kerkouros Wreck Atef-Pehu Nome
Abandoned Trireme Ka-Khem Nome
Sebennytos Shipwreck Ka-Khem Nome
Zoiontegoi Shipwreck Herakleion Nome
Elephas Remains Herakleion Nome
Liontari Debacle Herakleion Nome
Wdj-ur Wreck Herakleion Nome
Sunken Shrine of Aristoteles Kyrenaika
Thibron Expedition Shipwreck Kyrenaika
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Defy Authority

Defeat a Phylakes.

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After completing the main quest “Gennadios the Phylakitai” the Phylakes will spawn on the map. Phylakes are dangerous foes whose levels range between twenty and forty, so you’ll be fighting them regularly as you explore Egypt. For this trophy/achievement, you need only kill one.

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Handy Man

Craft 20 items.

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Items you can craft include your Quiver, Stabilizer Glove, Bracer, Breastplate, Tool Pouch, and later on, the Hidden Blade. Level these up a combined twenty times to get this trophy/achievement.

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Tame a lion.

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To tame a lion, you’ll ned both the Sleep Darts ability and the Animal Training ability, as well as any abilities in between. Once you have both, find a lion, hit it with a sleep dart, then quickly run up and tame it before it stirs.


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