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First Blood

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 23

This quest is a little out of the way, taking place near the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu, which is west of the southern reaches of Memphis. If you head west into the hills from the Temple of Hathor, you should stumble upon it. Make your way to the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu’s northern side to find passage you can enter to reach the dark interior of the tomb. The quest lies within, and of course there’s plenty of other incentive to indulge in a little tomb raiding, so head on in.

Make your way south through a doorway until it becomes too dark to see without the aid of a torch, at which light the way and be wary of some cobras in a room up ahead. Throw the torch at them so you can see them, pick them off from a distance, then head into the room they were in and climb the wall to the south to find a hole in the wall you can crawl through. When you reach another apparent dead end, climb the wall to the south to reach another hole you can crawl through, then continue uphill until the way forward is blocked by a reed barrier. Smash it, and you’ll find some large metal bars blocking the way.

You won’t be getting into the pyramid this way, but there’s something you’ll have to do if you want to get inside. Look through the opening you made and shoot the urn beyond to clear the way, then leave the pyramid and circle around to the western end of the pyramid, where you’ll find another entrance higher up. Climb on up and enter via the western entrance.

Make your way forward until you find an object you can put, and now that the urn behind it has been destroyed, you can move the object out of your way. Push it back, then move around it and enter the chamber beyond, where you can turn south to find a large red chest - the treasure you need to complete this area’s location objectives. Loot it, then turn north to find an altar with an ankh on it. Examine it to start the quest “ First Blood “.

Reward: For completing the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu
300 XP

Turns out this temple is the site where Bayek killed The Heron, the first member of the Order of Ancients punished on Bayek’s quest for vengeance. Now that he returns, it’s odd to find that somebody else seems to have come here since then, something which is well worth investigating.

Turn east and investigate an arrow near a breakable wall, then smash the wall and head on through. Smash some pots in the southwestwern corner of the room to find another sneaky cobra, and more importantly, Rudjek’s mask, and accessory to his murder weapon. Next turn west to find a sarcophagus, where some mummified herons and evidence that Rudjek was interred above his station. Somebody obviously cared enough about The Heron to give him a proper burial and pay him respect afterwards. Bayek will replay the scene and justify his homicidal actions, ending this quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “First Blood”
1,500 XP


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