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Points of Interest - Green Mountains

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 35

A huge area, geographically, there were quite a few quests in the Green Mountains, and the fact that there’s a great deal of unresolved points of interest after completing all these quests should indicate just how busy this provice is. It’s easily one of the densest provinces in the game, and its terrain makes it a chore to travel through… and an ideal spot for fortifications, which add to the misery of attempting to journey through the Green Mountains. Despite the large number of points of interst, most of them are, again, small enemy camps, mixed in with a few treasure hunts and the odd beast lair, to keep it interesting. In fact, the only unresolved point of interest is the Roman Camp of Surus.

Points of Interest
Akabis Roman Tower
Auritina Roman Tower
Bandit Hideout
Forsaken Sanctuary
Kastor High Hideout
Lake of the Clouds Ruins
Leopard Lair
Poimen Relay
Poludeukes Hideout
Refugee Haven
Roman Camp of Surus
Roman Watchtower
Shrine to Hygieia
Theras Ampelos
Vulture Lair

Underground Currents

You should have picked up this Papyrus Puzzle scroll from the Tomb of Battos, presumably during the quest “ Founding Father “. It reads:

South of Cyrene, in the Green Mountains, there is a lake whose water comes from a magical stream. I’ll be at the source of that magic, where water flows from nothing.

Fast travel to the fast travel point east of the Collis Roman Hunting Camp in the Green Mountains province and while perched on the branch that is the fast travel destination, look west and note the crescent-shaped lake surrounding the enemy camp. Dive into the water and swim around the camp to the western end of the pond and look for a waterfall flowing from the west. Climb out of the pond at the waterfall and follow the waterfall uphill to the west, climbing several ledges until you find the rocks through which the water flows. Search near the source of this water to find your treasure.

Roman Camp of Surus

You’ll find the Roman Camp of Surus in the southwestern edge of the Green Mountains province, near the Roman Quarry Camp, which you may have visited during the quest “ Taking Liberty “. Inside, of course, you’ll find the war elephant Surus, and in many ways the fight is identical to the fight with Pothinus… albeit more difficult due to the beast’s higher level.

The elephant will gore with its tusks and stamp with its feet, depending on where you are positioned, usually charging before performing the former attack should it need to close ground with you. Its head is armored and will negate missile damage, but it’s vulnerable elsewhere, and you should take the opportunity to pin-cushion it with arrows whenever it’s distant to charge your Overpower meter. If you have legendary weapons to choose from, use ones with “Health on Hit” and anything fits your preferred playstyle that also boosts Adrenaline (“Adrenaline on Hurt” or “Adrenaline Regeneration”).

Surus is aggressive, and will prefer to attack in melee (left). This won't stop the soldiers riding in the elephant from throwing fire bombs at you, however (right).

Although the same in many respects, Surus - and all the other war elephants you’ll find in various camps - has some additional attacks that Pothinus didn’t. The soldier mounted on top of the elephant will contribute to the fight, unlike Pothinus, either by firing a bow or by throwing bombs - in this case, Fire Bombs. You’ll get a reticle for each, which the arrow reticle being a circle that shrinks, while the bomb indicators are more static. You can block the arrows with your shield, the bombs, you just need to keep moving and evade. The elephant will become more aggressive the more its health is diminished, causing it, and its handlers, to attack more frequently, perform longer combos, shoot more arrows and toss more bombs.

When the great best is slain, this point of interest will be completed.

Reward: For completing the Roman Camp of Surus
+1 Ability Point

Dead or Alive

Before you leave the Roman Camp of Surus, you might as well solve the Papyrus Puzzle scroll “Dead or Alive”, which you should have nabbed from the Apollonion of Cyrene during the quest “ The Flea of Cyrene “. It reads:

In the southwest section of the Green Mountains lies a monstrous beast with sharp tusks and tough grey skin. In his deadly arena you can find me, between the edge of the arena and where the beast sates his thirst.

Simple enough, assuming you’re already in the Roman Camp of Surus, look for two pools of water on the western edge of the camp. Search along the western edge of the western-most pool, between the water and the fence, and you’ll find your treasure.


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