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One Bad Apple

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 35

Now that you’ve completed the lower-level quests in the Green Mountain province (largely in the southwestern corner of the area), you might as well go visit Praxilla in Balagrae, which can be fount southeast of Vitruvius’s aqueduct, near the Asklepieion point of interest. Enter the clinic to reach the quest marker and talk to Praxilla, who will tell Bayek that in the wake of Flavius’ visit, strange occurances have been going on in Balagrae. Taking on the task of investigating the priestess Melitta, she’ll ask you to talk to a man named Crion, who can be found in the nearby Asklepieion.


Make your way to the Asklepieion along the eastern edge of town… you know, the giant temple with the woman screaming about Flavius in front? Yeah, that’s not normal, and the temple is a restricted area crawling with Roman soldiers, so perhaps the front door isn’t the best option? Fortunately, the temple grounds are ringed with bushes you can hide in, usually behind hedges, which makes circling, whistle, and assassinating the guards one by one a rather trivial matter.

Clear the grounds and head behind (east of) the temple to find a smaller, circular shrine with a fire burning inside. Enter this smaller shrine and grab the Papyrus Puzzle scroll “ Forsake City “ off a table, completing this point of interest in the process. This Papyrus Puzzle will be covered in the Points of Interest - Paraitonion section of the guide.

Reward: For completing the Asklepieion
450 XP

With that out of the way, enter the Asklepieion - the large, main temple - and use Senu to locate this Crios. Climb up the oddly-decorated wall to find Crios having a bit of a spat with a brick wall between two statues. Obviously Flavius ran into Crios, first. Pick the addled man up and carry him out of the temple and to Praxilla’s clinic, setting him down at the appointed spot. When you do, Crios will babble about Melitta, who, despite his current state, he’s still got a negative opinion of… enough to give Bayek cause to worry about Praxilla’s safety.

Shrine of Whispers

Make your way into the hills northwest of Balagrae to find a search area, then deploy Senu to find this “Shrine of Whispers” you’re looking for. Once Senu has narrowed down the search area to a quest marker, head to the indicated ravine, which houses a shrine built into the nearby hill… and is guarded by several Romans. Spot some tall grass near the cliffs below you and try to drop down into them so you can attempt to sneakily dispatch some of the guards, and when they’re all dead, enter the tunnel leading to the shrine.

Head down some stairs and you’ll reach a large chamber, where you’ll find Melitta and some Roman soldiers. Sneak around the northwestern edge of the room, past some captives held in cages, until you reach a chair near a column, directly opposite (southeast of) which you’ll find a metal rod from which a brazier hangs. Wait for the coast to be clear and leap onto it, then climb the column it’s attached to. From this perch you can kill Melitta at your leisure, after which dispatch her two guards and free Praxilla. Once she’s freed, break open the cages holding four captives, then leave the shrine (perhaps after reading some correspondence scattered about) to complete the quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “One Bad Apple”
3,000 XP, Cyrene’s Spear


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