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The Baker's Dilemma

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 23

Tasters Tax Trouble

Make your way to the northeastern end of Memphis to find a market, where, near a Weaver, you’ll find a woman named Teta touting her bread… and cursing under her breath. Talk to her and she’ll tell you about the curse she mumbles before getting on to a more important matter. Seems the heavy hand of Ptolemy spares few, and the baker’s taster has been imprisoned, without whom her business is handicapped. Bayek, always willing to stick it to the man, volunteers his bloody blade to the task.

Deploy Senu to locate the taster, who is encaged on the back of a horse-drawn wagon. A moving target, the driver circles around the Corrupted Soldier’s Cache point of interest on the island to the southeast. He doesn’t move fast, although like most moving guards in civilized area, he could have friends, depending on where he’s at and what patrols are nearby. For the most simplicity, try to avoid picking a fight when he’s near the Memphis Barracks. Best case scenario, you can pick off the driver, break the back of the cage, and abscond with the taster - Sasobek. Like most characters you have to rescue, he insists on being carried back to safety, extolling his love for Teta as you do. When you arrive, set him down and he’ll reveal your work isn’t done yet, as the guards were bragging about poisoning Taimhotep.

Corrupted Soldiers Cache

Looks like you have to head south to the Memphis Barracks and find these poisoned pastries, for the sake of Taimhotep and her unborn child. Before you do, however, you might as well stop off at the aforementioned Corrupted Soldiers Cache around which you circled earlier. The only location objective here is to loot a treasure, and the area itself is pretty small. It’s a square-shaped area surrounded by canals, wherein you’ll find a few buildings and blue flower-bearing plants thick enough for an enterprising assassin to hide in. There are several guards lurking around (levels 20-21) and it’s a restricted area, but honestly, you’ll probably be pestered more by the nearby crocodiles. Kill whatever opposes you, then search inside one of the buildings to find a red chest.

Reward: For completing the Corrupted Soldiers Cache
300 XP

Memphis Barracks

Once you’re done with the Corrupted Soldiers Cache, it’s time to turn your attention to the Memphis Barracks to the west. This is a large fortress, easily the strongest garrison in Memphis. Use Senu to locate the jars of poisoned bread, then tag as many guards (levels 20-23) as possible, including the base’s captain (level 24) and commander (level 25).

There are two good ways to infiltrate, one of which, at least, should be obvious. The large walls surrounding the area are a natural target, especially the corner towers, which provide a find perch from which to fire down into the barracks below. On the other hand, to the north of the barracks is a submerged cave you can swim through, which will lead to a well inside the barracks walls. There’s enough foliage around for you to hide in after infiltrating that killing a few nearby guards shouldn’t be a problem, but starting out on the low ground does make you vulnerable to being spotted by guards on the walls.

Whichever route you choose, know that there are, as mentioned earlier, guards on the walls, as well as on the grounds of the barracks… and surrounding the barracks, and in the large building that dominates the western end of the fort. Above all, avoid causing a ruckus along the western end of the fort, as there’s a major road running there. You don’t want to draw in random guard patrols or convoys which constantly travel up and down the road there. Lastly, note that there’s an alarm brazier on the eastern end of the roof of the large building along the western end of the fort. As long as you don’t raise too much of a commotion atop the walls, it shouldn’t be hard to reach it and sabotage it.

When all the guards are dead, you’ll need to scour the place for seven or so jars of poisoned bread, as well as the area’s two treasures, the latter of which will complete its location objectives. The bread shouldn’t be hard to find if you scanned with Senu - most of the jars are in the large structure on the western end of the fort - leaving only the two treasures. In a room along the northern end of the large building on the western end of the fort you’ll find a small white box on a table, while a red chest can be found in a building to the northwest of the fort’s southern entrance. Once the last treasure is looted, the area will be completed, and when the last jar of bread is smashed, so will this quest.

Reward: For completing the Memphis Barracks
600 XP
Reward: For completing the quest “The Baker’s Dilemma”
1.500 XP


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