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Points of Interest - Herakleion Nome

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 33

Herakleion Nome is a large place, and while sidequests cover a few locations, there are many more untouched points of interest. These include plenty of treasure hunts, beast lairs and enemy camps, but there are also two Papyrus Puzzle scrolls to be found another hermit location, and an elephant camp. The last of these will be postponed for later.

Points of Interest
Camp Nisi
Chata Pond
Crocodile Lair
Crocodile Lair
Demmesne of Sekhem
Dismal Tree
Elephas Remains
Galenos’ House
Home of Nehi
Irsu’s Huts
Lah Hideout
Liontari Debacle
Neith Cradle Hideout
Nile Delta Ship
Outskirts of Herakleion
Ptolemy Statue
Roman Camp of Jumbe
Sap-Meh Anchorage
Temple of Khonsou
Thenessos Hideout
Wdj-ur Wreck

Galenos House

Along the southern end of Herakleion Nome you’ll find the town of Natho, along the western edge of which you’ll find this point of interest. Use Senu to locate the Papyrus Puzzle scroll, enter the lavish house, head upstairs and grab the scroll “Royal Flora” off a table.

Reward: For completing Galenos’ House
450 XP

Royal Flora

Might as well finish this now. Read the scroll:

In southeastern Herakleion Nome you can find me beneath the tree who fancies himself king.

Unlike some Papyrus Puzzles, this one requires a bit of searching, as the solution isn’t obvious. Make your way to the southeastern corner of the Herakleion Nome, as the puzzle indicates, and more specifically search south of the Neith Cradle Hideout, where you’ll find a massive tree - so large, it’s visible on the map, appearing as a small island just sound of the enemy camp. Search along the southeastern end of the tree to find your treasure.

Temple of Khonsou

North of the Herakleion fast travel point you’ll find the Temple of Khonsou. Head inside, use Senu to sniff out the Papyrus Puzzle scroll, then pick it up off the table it’s on to complete this location.

Reward: For completing the Temple of Khonsou
450 XP

Twin Despair

Since this one is also in Herakleion Nome, you might as well go grab it now. Give this lengthy, detailed scroll a read:

In Herakleion Nome, East of the temple of Khonsou, is a village that is more water than land. Behind two houses with different problems, one whose feet are always wet, and the other who can’t cover his head, you can find me sitting under a tree.

The closest place that fits the description on the scroll is the Yw Huts village, which is to the east (and slightly south) of the Temple of Khonsou. When you arrive, make your way to the northern edge of the village where you’ll find two sorry structures somewhat displaced from the rest, one of which is a crude, square straw hut and the other is a brick building quickly falling apart. Make your way over to them and search a near the brick house, where you’ll find the treasure in the water. You can also score a small white chest in the straw hut, if you wish to score a little more loot.

Demense of Sekhem

This hermit location can be found northwest of the Yw Huts, east of Herakleion. When you arrive at the point of interest marker, seek out the customary red cloth, one of which is covered with foliage, the other with candle, flowers and… a corpse. Interact with the ground near the corpse-covered cloth to meditate and gain your Ability Point.

Reward: For completing the Demense of Sekhem
+1 Ability Point


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