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Seven Farmers

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 30

You’ll find this quest on the northern coast of the Uab Nome, southeast of Krokodilopolis, south of the fast travel point near where you found the treasure indicated by the “Sobek’s Rage” Papyrus Puzzle scroll. Approach three people arguing near some ruins, apparently fearful of the return of some bandits. Talk to them and they’ll speak of their plight, which, of course, concerns some bandits who seem more keen on slaughter than pillage.

After the chat, follow one of the farmers - Rai - into the hills to the south as she chats about her bow. Unfortunately, she also mentions hyenas, so you’ll likely have to fend off several of those beasts, as well. After that she’ll lead you to a “natural temple”, as she calls it, which exits out onto some high ground, where you’ll find a fast travel point to be discovered, as well as the Horus Stone Circle… which you may as well solve while you’re here.

Horus Stone Circle

The solution to this one is pretty easy if you’ve solved a few others, just search a bit up from and to the left of the Serqet Stone Circle solution (the scorpion).

Reward: For completing the Horus Stone Circle
450 XP

Repelling the Bandits

After synchronizing with the fast travel point and completing the Horus Stone Circle, head up to Rai and she’ll give you more commands. Once she’s done talking, head out onto the root that’s projecting over the edge and perform a leap of faith into the water below - a shortcut back down to the lowlands. After Rai shouts about how awesome you are, make your way back north, northwest to the other farmers and speak with them to discuss strategy.

The bandit attack is imminent, and all you can really do to shift the odds are move some oil pots around, if you wish to create a fiery trap for them… and have a means to light the pots on fire at a distance. Either way, when you’re ready talk to the farmer on the roof and you’ll wait for the bandits to attack. They’re nothing special - mostly archers led by an elite soldier or two, and the farmers hold their own surprisingly well. When the last of the bandits falls, you’ll chat with Rai and another farmer, the former of which will give you the Broken Bow the bandits were after. It’s not of much use to you, yet, but Bayek can’t stop singing its praises, nonetheless.

Senehem Depths

The bandits may have been bested this time, but more still exist, and the farmers won’t be safe until they’re all eliminated. This task Bayek was all too eager to volunteer for, so make your way southeast into the badlands until you find a search area and use Senu to locate your target near the Senehem Depths point of interest. Approach the area for the north and you’ll find a small camp set up outside of a cave, with only a pair of bandits to oppose you. Kill them, then enter the cave and make your way south to find some corpses, around with many insects thrive. Loot the small white chest on the ground to complete the area’s location objective, then turn north, northeast to find a letter on the table, pointing you in the direction of the main bandit hideout, which just so happens to be in a tomb…

Reward: For completing Senehem Depths
450 XP

Tomb of Smenkhkare

The location of the tomb that now serves as the bandit stronghold is presented in a riddle, but you can save yourself some bother and just look at your map, to the east and slightly north to find a peninsula jutting into the Nile, near the southeastern tip of which you’ll find the tomb. Heaad over there and use Senu to pin-point the entrance to the tomb, kill any beasts or bandits outside of the tomb, then descend some stairs to find a breakable wall, at which Bayek will chat about the antiquity of the tomb, and the similarities to the markings found here that are also on Rai’s bow…

Oh well, no answers are forthcoming from under the sun, so smash the wall and enter the darkened tomb beyond. Make your way north up two flights of stairs and continue forward until you find a side-passage to the right, which terminate in a small chamber, now the resting place of one Meritaten, if an inscription inside is to be believed. More importantly, there’s a red chest and a large white chest you can loot for some goodies.

Loot, leave and continue north to find a chamber dominated by a pit in the center. If you continue past it to the north you can find another room housing a sarcophagus, in which you’ll find a paltry amount of loot. Dive into the pit and note that there’s some treasure to be had, if you’re willing to brave drowning. If you swim down to the east you’ll find a labyrinthine - but short - series of passages that contain a red chest a small white chest you can loot. If you can’t be bothered, just swim up some stairs to the north to get to where you want to go - although both routes do link up.

Whatever route you choose, when you surface light a torch near a door to the north, beyond which you’ll hear bandits talking. Well, subtitled as an “Egyptian Soldier”, but in your experience, is there really much of a difference? Either way, this is a signal that you’ll soon need to abandon “tomb searching” mode and focus on “bandit camp infiltration and extermination” mode.

Soon, but not yet. Head through the door to the north and note a weighted platform to the right. This isn’t your typical weighted platform puzzle, as there are no rolls of rope you need to carry around to weigh down these platforms, instead this is merely a timed puzzle, and the only weight you have to manipulate platforms is Bayek himself. The game probably wants you to use platforms on the western end of the room to reach a ledge to the south, which will, in turn, allow you reach another platform over the door through which you entered this chamber. Instead, however, you can just run up the wall near the door to reach a stable platform above the door, then jump from there to the platform to the west. Wait for it to rise up again, then quickly run east across the platform, jump onto the stable platform above the door and use a rope near a square pillar to swing around onto the eastern-most platform and quickly leap from it onto a ledge to the north.

When you’ve accomplished this feat, head through the well-lit doorway to the north, beyond which you’ll find the main sarcophagus chamber, wherein the Ancient Tablet - and the bandits - can be found. It can be tricky sneakily killing all the bandits in here, but pillars and whistles are your best bet, and if that fails, they’re not so strong that a straight fight is much to fear. When the bandit leader is slain, Bayek will recover some material from him to fix the bow, an heirloom which he can now put to use in the form of the Ancestral Bow , although frankly it would be surprising if you didn’t already have a better legendary bow at your disposal.

Once the bandits are dead, read the Ancient Table to get your Ability Point and loot the chamber (and adjacent side-chambers) for three chunks of Silica. With this, the quest “ Seven Farmers “ is complete, but there’s a bit more you can do in this tomb before moving on…

Reward: For completing the Tomb of Smenkhkare
+1 Ability Point
Reward: For completing the quest “Seven Farmers”
3,750 XP. Ancestral Bow
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Seven Farmers

Complete Side Quest "Seven Farmers".

Trophy icon

Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat

Turn north and search the wall behind the sarcophagus to find a slit from which light emenates… a passage just large enough for Bayek to squeeze through, beyond which you’ll find the Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat. Slide through and continue down the passage to the north, stopping long enough to nab some Silica on the ground to the right before heading down a ramp and reaching an apparent dead end ledge. Never before has the “leap of faith” been more apt, as you can jump off the ledge to the north and dive into a pool of water far below.

Climb out of the water and search the southeastern corner of the chamber you find yourself in to score some Silica, which is abundant in this area… curiously, just like it was in the tomb where you encountered Khaliset. Turn back north, head past the pool and search some high-ground in the northwestern corner of the chamber to gain another piece of Silica, then enter another, smaller chamber to the north. Immediately turn right and grab some more Silica, then grab two more pieces, one near and one on a slab. Once done, climb atop the slab and expend five chunks of Silica to activate it. You’ll need a good bit of Silica later, but there’s still plenty out there. Activate the Ancient Mechanism and you’ll be treated to some more monotone babbling about Assassin’s Creed lore, after which you’ll be able to use the circle near the slab to teleport out of the tomb.

Reward: For completing Eeyoo Sekedoo Aat
250 XP


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