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Points of Interest - Haueris Nome

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 33

Haueris Nome is a rather large, mostly barren stretch of land running from the outskirts of Philadelphia to the edge of the Nile. Like the Faiyum Oasis, it has its own Papyrus Puzzle scroll to be found (Temple of Thoth), but it also has a tomb to plunder (Tomb of Amenemhat III). Otherwise, it’s the usual beast lair, treasure hunts, and the Limestone Quarry, a large enemy stronghold south of Fort Boubastos.

Points of Interest
Cleon’s Wharf
Etesias’s Olive Grove
Iw Forgotten Cache
Kleithra Dam
Limestone Quarry
Lion Lair
Metallon Docks
Temple Archives
Temple of Thoth
Tomb of Amenemhat III

Tomb of Amenemhat III

You’ll find this tomb along the southwestern edge of the Haueris Nome, and as is often the case, the pyramid housing the tomb you’re looking for also serves double duty as a fast travel point. Make your way to the southwestern edge of the pyramid, where you’ll find some of the pyramid’s lower stones uncovered by the sand around it. Between these stones you’ll find an entrance into the tomb, so squeeze on through a crack descend a slope and enter the watery tunnel beyond.

Continue through a pair of doorways until you reach a small room, where, in the northwestern corner you’ll find some Silica. Grab it, then head back to the doorway and turn east to find a brazier, above which is a hole in the ceiling you can climb through. Do so and head north into a larger room, which is larger save for a brazier. Continue north into a tunnel, and when it ends turn west to reach a chamber with two exposed sections of reed floor, a depression, and a sealed door.

To open the sealed door you’ll need to smash the seals, and to do that you’ll need to break the reed floor sections, drop down into the hole thus created, then smash the seal at the end of the tunnel. Do this for both seals and head through the door you opened.

Venture south down the tunnel past the door and grab the Silica when the tunnel ends before turning west to reach a large, well-lit chamber complete with a pool full of crocodiles. Jump a fence to reach the chamber and kill the reptiles, then note another fence to the north you can climb. This leads to the upper balcony of the chamber, where you’ll find little of interest save some lootables.

No use getting around it, to proceed you’ll have to get your everything wet. Dive into the pool - now hopefully barren of crocodiles - and swim west. When you reach a four-way fork, note that you can turn right (north) to find a white chest, left (south) to find a bit of Silica, or continue west to find the Ancient Tablet.

Reward: For completing the Tomb of Amenemhat III
+1 Ability Point

After claiming your Ability Point, surface to reach a chamber, in which you can grab a chunk of Silica off the table to the northeast and loot a small white chest in the southwestern corner. Once done, backtrack through the tomb to exit… or just fast travel out.

Temple of Thoth

To find this place, you merely need to travel to the Hermopolis fast travel point (along the eastern coast of the province) and head west. You’ll find the Papyrus Puzzle scroll - “Toth’s Secret” you’re after at the western end of the temple, right out in the open at the feet of some statues. This puzzle will be solved in the “ Points of Interest - Uab Nome “ section.

Reward: For completing the Temple of Thoth
450 XP


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