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Founding Father

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 35

Ideally this will be the last quest you tackle before going after Flavius, and for the sole reason that the two quests overlap, geographically. Why mess with the Roman Akropolis more time than you have to, after all? Make your way to the Tomb of Battos, which is southeast of the Roman Akropolis, and talk to Iakchos, who is trying his best to appease an angry mob. Talk to him and he’ll tell you that Romans have locked the Tomb of Battos, leaving the citizens of Cyrene concerned about the fate of their sacred founder’s remains and relics.

Iakchos will explain the unrest and slyly suggest somebody investigate the Tomb of Battos (left), which can currently only be done by diving through the roof (right).

Tomb of Battos

Climb the columns to reach the top of the shrine, then jump through a hole in the roof and into a pool in the center of the shrine’s interior. Climb out of the water and pillage a table along the southern end of the shrine to find the Papyrus Puzzle scroll “ Underground Currents “, which you’ll solve at in the Points of Interest - Green Mountains section of the guide.

Reward: For completing the Tomb of Battos
450 XP

Pick up the Papyrus Puzzle scroll (left) then search the tomb to find evidence of larceny (right).

Head down some stairs to reach the chamber housing Battos’ remains and relics, only to find that it has been roughly treated by the Romans. Use your Animus Pulse to highlight some objects, then investigate a pair of empty pedestal near a statue, once bearing the Medallion of Battos and the Bow of Battos, now barren.

Climb out of the Tomb of Battos and use Senu to locate the pilfered artifacts, which you’ll find in the Roman Akropolis. One of the relics is possessed by a soldier, hence its location may vary, while the other is stored in a building along the southwestern edge of the stronhold.

Roman Akropolis

Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you, eh? You can try to just focus on the objectives at hand, but if you haven’t completed the quest “ The Final Weighing “ yet, you’ll need to return here eventually anyways. If you’re following the guide chronologically, that’s the next task after this quest is complete, so you have plenty of incentive to clear the place out, even if the experience and treasure alone weren’t sufficient. Just avoid entering the shrine in the center of the Roman Akropolis, as that’ll advance “ The Final Weighing “. Since you can only enter through windows on the exterior of the building, however, it should be easy enough to avoid.

Scale one of the walls of the fortified acropolis (perhaps using the same tower you climbed during “ The Flea of Cyrene “?) and perform a more detailed scan, locating this area’s treasure, captains (level 37), commander (level 38) and as many guards (levels 35 - 36) as possible.

Use Senu to spot the relic thieves (left) then run about the walls of the akropolis, picking off Romans as you go (right).

The strategy for going around killing the Romans here should be a pretty obvious. The walls are, like the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel, prime grounds for Bayek to stalk, and if you encircle them a few times and eliminate the guards as you find them, you can easily kill more than half the enemies in the camp. Better yet, you can also reach the alarm braziers, which can be found on the southwestern and northwestern edges of the stronghold, on towers. This likely won’t give you the opportunity to eliminate any of the officers on the Roman Akropolis, but once the walls are clear you can use takedowns from above and archery to terrorize the Romans below you. Of course, be wary of that ever-present threat that complicates most large enemy camps, the random treasure convoy, which will sometimes occupy the southeastern edge of the acropolis and inflate troop numbers.

Kill the soldier carrying the Medallion of Battos to reclaim that artifact, then search a building along the southwestern edge of the acropolis to find the Bow of Battis on a table on the second floor. This building is just below one of the alarm braziers, and on the bottom floor you’ll find a red chest you can loot.

Treasure #1 : As previously recorded, the first chest can be found in the building under the southwestern alarm brazier, on the bottom floor.

Treasure #2 : Now you’re free to return to Iakchos at the Tomb of Battos, but first, why not finish looting the Roman Akropolis? From the building where you scored Battos’ Bow head northeast into another building to score another red chest.

Treasure #3 : Enter the building under the northwestern alarm brazier, then head int a room to the southwest to find a hole in the ground. Descend into the cellar to find a large white chest.

Treasure 4 : The final treasure - a small white chest - can be found in a building northeast of the temple, on a table on the second floor.

Reward: For completing the Roman Akropolis
1,500 XP

Pick up the relics (left) then return them to Iakchos (right).

Once you have Battos’ relics and are done in the Roman Akropolis, head back to the Tomb of Battos and give Iakchos the stolen relics. He’ll take the medallion, but will low you to keep the bow for yourself.

Reward: For completing the quest “Founding Father”
3,000 XP


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