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Main Quest - Egypt's Medjay

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 12

Information at the Hippodrome

Back in the Animus, Bayek and Aya will chat. Their quest for vengeance seems resolved, but Bayek has his doubts, at which Aya will suggest he head to the hippodrome, where he can meet Apollodorus, who may know more. Or rather, you’ll need to meet with one of Apollodorus’s contacts, who can help you get in touch with Apollodorus. The hippodrome is outside of Alexandria, to the east, and since the suggested level of this quest is the same as the last story quest you did, you shouldn’t have much of an excuse to delay. That being the case, hop down off the fast travel point and make your way east until you’re near the search area, at which deploy Senu, locate Apollodorus’s contact - Machus - and talk to him.

The conversation will serve two purposes, to set up a meeting with Apollodorus, who can be found further east at the lighthouse in Kanopos, but only at night and to introduce you to the hippodrome. It’s a soft push, and sure enough, if you check out your map you’ll see the quest “ Old Times “ (Suggested Level: 12) waiting for you.

Meeting Apollodorus

You’ll get around to this later, but for now, let’s stay on track and go meet with Apollodorus. Make sure to discover the Laegion Hippodrome before you leave, which also unlocks a fast travel point, then ride east to Kanopos. Along the way you should discover a Ptolemy Statue north of the Laegion Hippodrome, the Zephyros Stables east of the hippodrome, and of course, Kanopos itself, which consists of a fast travel spot (unlocked automatically as you approach), the Requisitioned Tavern, and the Menelaite Trireme, as well as the quest “ Blue Hooligans “ (Suggested Level: 12).

Follow the coast north, then east from Kanopos to reach the lighthouse and use the Dawn & Dusk ability if necessary to advance time. When it’s night, head to the lighthouse to meet Apollodorus, who seems to be having a bit of trouble. Bayek needs information, Apollodorus needs his man Damastes rescued. It seems an exchange of services is in order.

Demastes and the Menelaite Trireme

Send Senu aloft after the cutscene ends and scan to the south for Demastes, then tag whatever soldiers (level 11-12) you can. It seems Demastes is being held captive on the docks of Kanopos, near the Menelaite Trireme point of interest. Might as well take care of that while you’re there, and before that, you might as well synchronize with the fast travel point atop the Kanopos Lighthouse.

Once done, either sail or swim south to the boat sitting perpendicular to the dock, forming a “T”. If you’re sailing there you should avoid getting too close, and hence spotted, so swim the rest of the way and climb up along the side of the boat but don’t get on deck yet. Instead, opportunistically wait for guards to leave themselves vulnerable, whistle to lure them to the ledge, then perform a takedown. You should be able to clear all the enemies along the northern end of the dock and on the boat this way. If you get spotted, simply drop into the water, dive, and wait a bit. They’ll lose interest long before you run out of breath.

When those guards are dispatched, board the ship and climb the mast, to reach the crow’s nest, which will give you an excellent firing platform from which you can rain death down upon the guards below. Pick your targets well and get rid of isolated stragglers - or at least soldiers who aren’t currently being watched. You can likely remove all the guards on the dock to the south this way, leaving the ones on the Menelaite Trireme to deal with.

You can easily kill these guards by picking them off from your perch, by swimming to the ship they’re on and performing ledge takedowns, or a combination of the two. All you need to be terribly wary of are the random enemy ships (usually small, two-soldier craft) that sail about, and can spoil a perching Bayek’s surprise. When the soldiers on the dock near Damastes and the ones on the Menelaite Trireme have been dealt with, enter the tent on the aforementioned trireme and loot the chest inside to complete the location objective for this point of interest.

Use the masts of the ships to take out any soldiers (left) and survey the docks. Once done, unlock the cage for Damastes (right).

Reward: For completing the Menelaite Trireme
300 XP

Swimming For Scrolls

Now that you’re the lord and master of the docks, head to the cage where Demastes is being held captive. Free him, talk to him, then “escort” (or rather, follow) him until he feels safe, killing any guards that accost you along the way. When he finally stops, talk to him and he’ll tell you the scroll with incriminating information Apollodorus wants is still on his ship. The catch? The ship is at the bottom of the lake.

Well, nothing can ever be easy, can it? Commandeer a vessel from the nearby docks and sail northeast to the search area, at which use Senu to locate the shipwreck. Sail to the site of the wreck and, when over the spot Senu sniffed out, make the fifteen or so meter dive to locate the wreck. Swim into the ruined husk of the ship, loot the red chest within to obtain the Scroll Apollodorus wants, then sail southeast to the shore the objective marker directs you to, where you’ll find Apollodorus waiting for you.

The Order of Ancients

Give him the scroll and he’ll ask you to take him to his villa - and he intends to talk politics along the way. Board a ship (there’s bound to be one nearby, if you somehow… misplaced your last one) and sail down a river to the south until you reach a fork. At this fork, just continue sailing south to reach some docks as Apollodorus directs, then follow the nearby dirt roads uphill to reach the villa. Apollodorus will give Bayek some advice as they enter, after which Bayek will be introduced to that most famous member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, perhaps moreso than the dynasty’s namesake itself.

More politics will be discussed, information will be brought to light, and new foes, members of this mysterious “Order”, heads of this many-headed snake, will be named. Foes Bayek pledges to kill.

Dive down to find the shipwreck (left) and the Scroll Apollodorus needs (right) inside.

Reward: For completing the quest “Egypt’s Medjay”
900 XP

You now have four new targets, the Lizard, the Crocodile, the Hyena and the Scarab. Correspondingly you also have four new main quests aimed at eliminating each of these figures. That’s right, the game has really just opened up! These quests are “ The Scarab’s Sting “ (Suggested Level: 15), “ The Hyena “ (Suggested Level: 20), “ The Lizard’s Mask “ (Suggested Level: 21) and “ The Crocodile’s Scales “ (Suggested Level: 25).

Clearly you’re not ready for some of these, although if you’ve been doing anything but running straight through the main quests you should be capable of going after the Scarab. It also makes sense to target the Scarab first geographically, as well, as their quest takes you to the Sapi-Res Nome, and promises to complete your circuit around Lake Mareotis.

All in good time, however. There are several quests in the Kanopos Nome that you can tackle, such as the aforementioned “ Old Times “ (Suggested Level: 12), and “ Blue Hooligans “ (Suggested Level: 12), as well as the quests “ The Weasel “ (Suggested Level: 14) and “ The Hungry River “ (Suggested Level: 14). Further south, in the Sap-Meh Nome you’ll find the quests “ In Protest “ (Suggested Level: 13), “ Thick Skin “ (Suggested Level: 13), and “ Fair Trade “ (Suggested Level: 13). After that there’s no reason you can’t go back to Alexandria and complete “ The Last Bodyguard“ (Suggested Level: 15)… and of course all the points of interest these quests take you to. The next few sections, then, will be dedicated to completing these sidequests (and other sidequests that branch off of them), before which the points of interest around Alexandria will be covered. If you can’t be bothered with all of that, skip ahead to the section “The Scarab’s Sting” .


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