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Sobek's Tears

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 29

A Sick God

North of the Krokodilopolis fast travel point is a pool where the holy albino crocodile of Sobek, Petsuchos, is kept and fed. If you head to the front of the temple of Sobek - north of this pool, along the main thoroughfare running east/west through Krokodilopolis - you’ll see an attempt to feed the reptile, which… doesn’t go so well. Talk to the shaken priest nearby to learn more about the situation, after which Bayek will decide to investigate.

A crocodile, trying to eat people! Unheard of! Still, Bayek and his fellow Egyptians clearly view the creature as a divine agent, so you may as well indulge them. Head north into the temple to find the enclosure wherein Petsuchos now resides. As an added twist to this investigation area, you need to keep hidden, as the obviously agitated reptile probably won’t view your intrusion kindly. Use your Animus Pulse to highlight some objects, climb over the wall, then sneak down the stairs and investigate some blood, and an urn of foul-smelling liquid. Once done, sneak around Petsuchos and examine a carcass on the southern side of the enclosure. To complete your investigation you’ll need to leave the enclosure, climb the wall to the east, the drop down outside the temple and loot for a passage in the wall. Find the passage and follow the blood trail to find a final clue - a bloody priest’s robe.

Summon Senu and locate your target at the end of the blood trail, then follow the blood through some swamps to the east, being wary of some not-so-tame crocodiles as you go. When you find a body, search it to find and read a note, which details the conspiracy and gives a name and location: Melina the Hibiscus, at the southern docks.

Neorion Naval Arsenal

Your target is at the docks on the southern end of Krokodilopolis, or more accurately, the southwestern end of the city. There’s a complication, though - it’s near the Neorion Naval Arsenal, a sizeable fort in the area. The majority of the southwestern island, in fact, is a restricted zone crawling with about a score of soldiers (levels 28-29), a captain (level 30) and a commander (level 31). Add the obligatory two treasures to this and you’ve got your standard large fort point of interest.

If you just want to go after your target, Melina the Hibiscus is on the northwestern wall of the fort, which you can easily swim around to and scale. Melina (level 28) tends to be chatting with another guard (level 29) making them a prime target for the Chain Assassination ability, if you possess it. If not, there’s no reason why you can’t pick off your target, then kill her attendant or flee.

As for clearing the fort entirely, it’s not too difficult of a task. You can pick off a fair number of guards standing near the gates, usually in pairs, by simply circling the fort and shooting them down. Scale the wall facing Krokodilopolish (the northeastern-facing wall) and run along it to the west and you should spot the fort’s alarm brazier on a lower roof to the south. The wall is fairly well guarded, but the guards on the wall tend to be isolated enough to easily take them down as you come across them, and elevation should make it difficult for the guards on the ground to spot you. As usual, using Senu to sniff out foes, treasures, the alarm brazier and other points of interest will make this much easier. Once the guards on the walls and by the gates are dead, you can start targeting the ones below you, inside the fort. Arrows can take down isolated targets, and anything that moves too close to the wall (or too close to any interior buildings, for that matter) are easy to get the drop on - literally.

When the soldiers are all dead, search the interior building by the shipyard, wherein you’ll find a small white chest on a table on the second floor. The second treasure, a large red chest, can be found in a guardhouse along the eastern wall. Loot them both, kill the captain and the commander and you’ll complete the area.

Reward: For completing the Neorion Naval Arsenal
900 XP

South Moeris Trireme

The only other thing to watch out for is the South Moeris Trireme, which can ocassionally dock along the southeastern docks of the Neorion Naval Academy. If it does, it’s not terribly likely that it’ll cause too much trouble, as it’s fairly isolated from the rest of the base and it’ll only stay for a short while. It’s also an opportunity, however, as all you need to do to complete this point of interest is sneak aboard and kill the captain (level 28). If it’s there and you’re feeling up to it, give it a shot.

Reward: For completing the South Moeris Trireme
300 XP

Sehetep - a name you’ve seen before - apparently orchestrated the poisoning of the god, a living symbol of his supposed faith, so that he might seem more powerful by “curing” it. He was also the priest who wrote to the Embalmer and allowed his murders to continue so long as he got a cut. Bad dude. Return to the temple of Sobek and talk to the distraught priest outside - the Guardian - and tell him about the conspiracy… which he responds to in a disappointing fashion. Oh well, you can give them the truth, but you can’t make them believe it, or act upon it.

Reward: For completing the quest “Sobek’s Tears”
3,000 XP


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