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New Kid in Town

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 18

Dig For the Future!

From the optional (northeastern) fast travel point, head northwest to find a man named Ramessu boasting of the greatness of Letopolis. Better still, you can earn yourself a house here, all you have to do is dig it out and become a slave to the project of recovering Letopolis! Naturally Bayek isn’t interested, but he’ll still be referred to Nehi, a new arrival who can tell him all the glories of Letopoline citizenship.

Nehis Wagon

Make your way west, southwest to find Nehi, who isn’t quite as happy about his life in Letopolis as Ramessu suggested. Instead, he’s beside himself with worry over his lost ox-cart, which he was scared away from by loud roars. Bayek isn’t so sure that the source of the noises were actual beasts, but being the nice guy that he is, he offers to seek out this wagon laden with all of Nehi’s life possessions.

Head west into the desert outside of Letopolis until you reach the edge of a search area, whereupon you can send Senu flying to locate Nehi’s wagon… and spot the bandits and their pet lions around it. Turns out there are large beasts in the area! The ruins they inhabit don’t provide much cover - for them or for you - although in the water west of the ruins you can find some paltry patches of foliage to hide in. Failing that, you can pick off a few with your bow and use the ruins themselves to break lines of sight and facilitate some stealth assassinations.

Pick off the enemies, search the ruins to find a variety of containers to loot (including a red chest), then find and commandeer Nehi’s wagon and ride it back to town. When you reach the designated spot, dismount and talk to Nehi, who will thank you for the recovery of his possessions, then invite you to his house, where he’ll point out some hieroglyphs which are troubling him. Neither Nehi or Bayek can make out what they mean, but it’s possible that Ramessu may know more.

Hunting Hieroglyphs

Return east to find Ramessu, still spouting off nonsense about Letopolis. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about others who have had similar concerns, which he dismisses for the sheer fact that the ancient messages are incomprehensible. Not really a great reason there, nor does it solve the concern at hand, so Bayek resolves to seek out these complainers and see what their hieroglyphs say.

Deploy Senu over Letopolis and scan the city to find the three individuals in question. How great is it to have an omniscient hawk do all the hard work for you? Once they’re all marked by bird-sight, track down and talk to all three worriers, gain permission to look at their creepy hieroglyphs, then go take a gander at the aforementioned writing. Repeat the process three times and Bayek will be able to compile enough of the message to reveal a Prophetic Message:

If your feet are within Letopolis, look west to the pyramids. Within the golden dunes lies the Temple of a Million Years, guarded by stone lionesses.

Simple enough, return to the optional fast travel point in Letopolis (the one by the harbor and look out to the southwest to spot the pyramids of Giza. Beyond the nearby Temple of Horus you should spot some ruins in the dunes beyond the bounds of Letopolish, partially swallowed up by the surrounding sand. The “Temple of a Million Years” is due southwest of this fast travel point, within clear sight from this lofty vantage. The Exploration Area for this site is pretty large, but the ruins - the loftiest structures in the sands southwest of Letopolis - are clear enough from this vantage.

Temple of a Million Years

Hop down off this fast travel point and ride southwest into the desert until you reach the ruins in question. The stone lionesses outside are a clear indicator you’re in the right spot, but an even more obvious sign are the bandits (level 18) outside, which are also searching for treasure. Again, there’s very little in the way of cover to hide in, but you can find an excellent sniping vantage point from atop the ruins nearby. Kill the bandits however you can, then head to the ruins between the two stone lionesses to find a cleft you can squeeze through to reach the interior.

Once inside, pull out your torch, pass through some spider webs, then smash some urns, but be cautious, as large snakes may reside within, and they can do spectacular damage if they bite you. Past this obstacle you’ll find a chamber filled with treasure - and things worth investigating. Investigate an urn on a slab, some corpses near a pillar, a shrine, and a table full of scrolls next to the shrine. After all this information has been examined, Bayek will come to an obvious conclusion, which makes the very act of inhabiting Letopolis sacrilige… something that would certainly hinder the colonization efforts if word got out.

Before you leave, loot the place, including the red chest within, then return to Nehi in Letopolis and tell him the news. Naturally, he doesn’t take the idea of offending the goddess of slaughter well, and decides Letopolis isn’t the place for him.

Reward: For completing the quest “New Kid in Town”
1,500 XP


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