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Main Quest - The Lizard's Face

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 23

Follow Aya from Panchartes’ house and talk to her when she stops, and she’ll goad Bayek into racing her. Apparently matters aren’t too dire for some light-hearted competition? Wonder if Pasherenptah would agree? Whatever the case, there are few useful “racing” controls, so just ride alongside Aya and your mount should pick up speed and overtake hers. When you arrive, follow Aya to the crowd near the Royal Palace to listen to Cleopatra give an ineffective speech before you’re granted a more private audience with Cleopatra, where you’ll get your marching orders.

Panchrates will tell you how to spot The Lizard (left). Race Aya to the Palace of Apries (right).

When you’re back in control you’ll find yourself in the Palace of Apries, north of the temple complex, where you now have five target markers indicating five search areas. You’ll need to head south, deploy Senu and pick out the specific location of each target, but more than that, you’ll have to find out which one of them is the person you’ve been sent to kill. Hepeti, The Lizard, is wearing an Anubis mask (one of five priests who is), is wearing a blue scarf and has a persistent cough. Just make sure it’s day time so you can see their colors clearly, and follow your victim a short time to ensure they’re coughing. Given how many coughing priests there are here, it seems like tuberculosis would have taken care of the problem in time.

The only penalty for getting the wrong target seems to be Bayek’s stung conscience, but any nearby guards - while usually passive - will be roused by such rough-housing, making subsequent strikes more difficult. Once you knife the right man, return to Cleopatra in the Palace of Apries to report your deed and watch the scenes that follow, after which this short-lived quest will be over.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

The Lizard

Complete Main Quest "The Lizard's Face".

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Reward: For completing the quest “The Lizard’s Face”
2,250 XP

Use Senu to locate the suspect priests of Anubis (left), then look for the specific signs that identify your target (right).

With that, you’re done in Memphis… as far as the main story goes. There’s still a bit that can be done before moving on, however, if you wish to indulge in sidequests and clear some points of interest. The next main quest “ The Crocodile’s Scales “ will draw you west, through the Saqqara Nome and into Faiyum, and while the quest itself has a suggested level of twenty-five, Faiyum’s level range is twenty-four to twenty-nine. That being the case, if you find yourself somewhat under-leveled (anything less than level twenty-three, at this point in time), you may want to consider scratching off some of these quests to make the next stretch of story more manageable. To facilitiate this, the rest of this section will be dedicated to the sidequests around Memphis, but feel free to skip ahead to Chapter 7 - The Crocodile if that strikes your fancy.


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