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Points of Interest - Uab Nome

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 33

Since there was only one quest starting in this area, you shouldn’t expect too many points of interest to be cleared. Aside from the typical beast lairs and treasure hunts, there are a number of interesting points of interest here, including the Tomb of the Cynic, The Scales Stone Circle, and the Camp of Qetesh & Resheph, the latter of which will be delayed for quite a while until you’re capable of felling the strongest foes in the game - war elephants, level forty ones at that.

Points of Interest
Arsinoites Quarry Hideout
Camp of Qetesh & Resheph
Dioryx Megale Wharf
Hippopotamus Lair
Hippopotamus Lair
Hyena Lair
Leopard Lair
Overwatch Tower
Ravaged Outpost
The Scales Stone Circle
Tomb of the Cynic

Tomb of the Cynic

This point of interest is distressingly far from any fast trave points, being southwest of Krokodilopolis and far to the west of Uab Nome’s only fast travel point. Either way, it’s going to take a bit of doing to reach this location. Fortunately its right off some of the roads along the southwestern coastline of the Uab Nome, so if you follow the roads south from the Trireme Stranding Camp or the Arsinoitest Quarry Hideout, you should find it just fine.

Enter the cave at the point of interest marker and follow the tunnel beyond until you reach a cavern that’s partially open to the sky. Continue downhill to the south, following the eastern wall until you find a passage to the southeast near a brazier. Follow the wall west of the brazier to score a chunk of Silica, then continue west along the wall (ignoring a dead-end to the south) until you reach a hay-filled dead end tunnel at the end of which resides a small white chest. Loot it, then return east to the aforementioned southeastern passage near the brazier.

Follow the southeastern tunnel until you find another brazier to light, at which turn northeast and nab another bit of Silica. Continue following the passage ahead which is intermittently lit by sunlight, and when it turns more easterly be wary of lions, which have apparently made this tomb their home. After killing your first big cat, look for a sunlit tree on a ledge, behind which is a red chest, then head down a tunnel opposite this tree, to the north.

Continue down this new tunnel as it turns west and shortly leads to a sunlit chamber housing the Ancient Tablet you’re after. Read it, then squeeze through a cleft in the rocks to the northeast, head uphill, then slide down a slope to find yourself back outside.

Reward: For completing the Tomb of the Cynic
+1 Ability Point

Thoths Secret

You should have obtained this Papyrus Puzzle scroll from the Temple of Thoth in the Haueris Nome:

Southeast of the city Hermopolis is a leopard’s den in Uab Nome. At the top of their territory lies a place where birds should live, but do not. If you take a leap of faith, you can find me.

This one pretty much gives itself away. Head to the Leopard Lair along the eastern edge of the Uab Nome, which happens to be a ruined temple atop a hill. Kill the large cats there if you must, then turn north to find a branch jutting out from the cliff face. Climb to the end and perform a leap of faith to land in some straw, diving through a hole in the rock in the process. Climb out of the dried vegetation and continue north a short distance to find the treasure the papyrus hinted at on the ground.


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