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Assassin's Creed: Origins

The Champion

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 28

Krokodilopolis isn’t one solid bit of land so much as it’s multiple islands connected by human artifice - in this case, usually bridges. Head to the northern end of the western-most of these islands to find a large, bent over man near the water. Attempt to chat with this man - named Hilarus - and he’ll make a demonstration of how he’s past his prime, after which interact with the fighter who defeated Hilarus to pick a fight.

The fist fights you’ve indulged in earlier were pretty simple matters, but you now find yourself engaged with a skilled pugilist. Not that this is a difficult fight, but it might take more than mere button mashing. Wait for your foe to attack (he advertises his attacks well ahead of time), dodge, then counter with several attacks. Don’t get too greedy, however, as he’ll recover and make you pay for your excesses. Three to four hits in a row should suffice.

Repeat this process until you’re victorious then talk to Hilarus, who will take you to his next engagement while chatting with you about his past glories, now long since faded. When you arrive, Hilarus will decide to take a breather and let you handle his opponent. Same rules apply as before, dodge and counter in moderation until you’re victorious, then talk to Hilarus again.

He’ll congratulate you, chat to you about training, then change the subject to the upcoming match, which occurs at sundown. Seems like he’s not done using you to win his fights, and he’ll await you on top of the lighthouse on the western end of the island. Head on over to the marked lighthouse, climb some stairs and ladders, then rest until night if necessary. When the time is right and you’re standing in the right spot, Bayek will complain about Hilarus’s tardiness, only to have the old fighter show up in the wrong location, and call him down. Jump off the tower and talk to Hilarus, who will start to lead you to the next fight and make up bogus reasons for sending you to the lighthouse before eventually getting the idea that he should race Bayek. Chase the checkpoints and Bayek should win with ease, as the old fighter’s wind just isn’t up to the task he set for himself.

After defeating Hilarus, talk to him as he tries to suck wind before continuing to lead you to the next fight… which just so happens to be in a brothel. When you’re ready, head inside and talk to Hilarus once again, where he’ll be taunted by the next opponent, leading into the fight. This bout begins as all the others - dodge, counter with several strikes of your own, then wait for the next attack to dodge. When this fighter grows weary, however, he’ll summon two allies… but that doesn’t mean the fight stops when he’s conspiring to do this. Endeavor to whittle him down as much as possible so that, with any luck, he’ll be a few hits away from falling when his friends join in. Hilarus, not accepting 3-on-1 odds will step in to even things out a bit, and although he’s past his prime, he’s still good for drawing attention. If the enemies are focusing on Hilarus, attack them indiscriminately. If one is attacking you, follow the tried-and-tried fist-fighting routine that’s seen you victory in earlier matches. If you’re facing more than one foe, stick to dodging and be very judicious about your own offense. When the last foe falls beneath your fists, Bayek will get a job offer from the madam, which he’ll deflect onto Hilarus, who seems to find a nice post-arena career for himself at the brothel. Everybody wins!

Reward: For completing the quest “The Champion”
3,000 XP, Shield of Hilarus
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The year is 48 BCE, and both Rome and Ptolemaic Egypt are torn by civil wars. In the chaos caused by this political upheaval, a shadowy conspiracy seeks the mysteries buried under the sands of Egypt, not sparing any who stand in the way of their ambitions. One such aggrieved individual, Bayek, a Medjay from Siwa, now seeks revenge against this secret organization. Ultimately going back to the origins of the Assassin’s Brotherhood, Assassin’s Creed Origins is a rebirth of the Assassin’s Creed franchise, adding a vast open world, a revamped combat system and RPG elements to the prolific stealth-action series.

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