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In Protest

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 13

Mareia Port

The next quest is a fairly long ride south From Meketre’s village, so hop on your mount and ride south from his village. In case you for some reason didn’t tackle the quest “ The Hungry River “ previously and yet are reading this… well, Meketre’s village is near the Ptolemy Statue southeast of Apollodorus’s Estate. Follow the road south, ford a river and note the fast travel point to the east. Again, there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t run over and synchronize with it since you’re so close. If you do scale a pillar and synchronize with the fast travel point, you can leap over to the nearby ruins to find a body and some lootables… think of it as a prize for your diligence.

Synchronize with the fast travel point if you wish and continue following the road south until you reach a “T” intersection. At this point turn west and follow the road until it leads you to a settlement. To the south you’ll find the map marker for the Mareia Port area, while to the north you’ll find Anthylla Outpost. A woman named Europa - the quest-giver you’re looking for - can be found along the northern end of Mareia Port, but before you bother her, why not finish up this area real quick? All you need to do is head east through town, through a logging camp near the river, and search the coast for a ransacked cart, on the back of which will be the treasure you need to claim to finish up this location’s objectives.

Reward: For completing Mareia Port
400 XP

Europas Plea

Once that’s out of the way, return back to the northern end of the village and speak to Europa, who is in desperate need of a Medjay. Her husband, Eryx, was skilled in the manufacture of weapons of war, namely war chariots, but was stiffed - then murdered - by a soldier. She wants justice, pure and simple; kill the soldier and destroy the chariot. Bayek’s no friend of Ptolemy, so he doesn’t need much goading to kill his soldiers. Plus, the soldier is located nearby at Anthylla Outpost, so it’s not even an inconvenient journey. How fortunate!

Anythlla Outpost

Anthylla Outpost is not your standard bandit camp. In fact, it shares far more in common with the Kibotos Arsenal than less camps. To complete the area you’ll need to kill a Captain (level 14), a Commander (level 15) and loot two treasures, a task that’ll be easier once you kill - or at least thin out - the lesser soldiers (levels 12-13).

There are few lofty perches worth considering around this outpost, so you should abandon that idea pretty quickly. If anything, it’s easier to simply run around the exterior of the fort and pick off loners where possible. In fact, you can considerably thin the herd by doing this. So long as you stay out of the restricted zone, pick your targets well and keep moving, you’ll have plenty of time to pick off a good number of soldiers.

There are a few oil pots you can use, but the enemies are rarely clustered densely enough to make them much use. There are also plenty of buildings to break up your (and their) line of sight and provide them shelter, and a few underground places, including a cave running north to a river. As for the alarm brazier, it’s sensibly placed out of easy reach on a watch tower in the middle of the fort, so you’ll have to be very careful - or reduce enemy numbers a bit - before going after it.

Finally, the thing you need to watch for the most are troops coming and going out on patrol. Best case scenario, some soldiers may take the chariot for a ride, in which case just position yourself on the road ahead of them and kill them. Any soldiers that leave can be readily killed outside the walls once they’ve put some distance between themselves and the fort. This works both ways, however, as sometimes patrolling soldiers will arrive and stop for a break at the fort, temporarily swelling the numbers there.

Kill the captain and the commander, and when the coast is clear, go hunting for treasure. On the southern side of the fort are two entrances, between which is a stone guard tower. Go through the western entrance and from there head north into a building, where you’ll find a small white chest on a table. For the second treasure make your way north along the eastern edge for the fort’s interior to find a large stone structure - a crude keep - in which you’ll find a doorway to the east and one to the west. Go through the western doorway to reach a room that houses a red chest - the second treasure you need. If you go through the eastern doorway, climb down a ladder, then descend a natural stone cave you’ll reach a stream. There’s another lucrative chest at the end of this cave, which you may as well loot.

Reward: For completing Anthylla Outpost
600 XP

After you’re done with that bit of business, find the chariot Europa sent you after, which needs to be destroyed. The easiest way to destroy it is to simple ride it southeast or northwest into the river. Once it’s submerged in water deep enough to force Bayek to bail, your task will be done. You need now only return to Europa to complete the quest.

Reward: For completing the quest “In Protest”
1,000 XP

Divided Valley

Now, there’s a bit of treasure you can get nearby, so you might as well do it while you’re here, which will also lead to another point of interest. A while back you should have obtained the Papyrus Puzzle scroll “Divided Valley”, which says the following:

In the center of Sap-Meh Nome you can find me hidden in a canyon near Anthylla. I’m under a tree that thinks it’s unique, but only because the nearby rock bridge is blocking it from seeing the others of its breed.

Well, that sounds awfully nearby, doesn’t it? You can reach the correct location in a few ways. Onoe way is to return to Anthylla Outpost and go through the cave that leads to the stream to the north. Once you exit the cave and reach the stream turn northwest and look up to find the rock bridge mentioned. The tree near which this treasure can be found is on a ledge on the other side of (northwest of) the rock bridge. This is also just southeast of a Crocodile Lair point of interest. The trees you’re looking for are deciduous trees with pointy, star-shaped leaf clusters, as opposed to the palm trees that also inhabit the area. The treasure is on the ground just northeast of this tree.

Crocodile Lair

Since the Papyrus Puzzle “Divided Valley” is just east of the nearby Crocodile Lair, consider taking out these reptilian menaces, too. If you’re up on the ledges above the canyon stream they dwell in, there’s little they can do to you. Just shoot the target crocodile (level 14) down with whatever bow you prefer to complete the area. If you kill all the crocodiles, drop down into the stream and you’ll find a satchel worth looting, as well as other loot objects for the taking.

Reward: For completing the Crocodile Lair
300 XP


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