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Pax Romana

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 35

Diocles Good Deed

Flavius is dead! Time to celebrate. Head to the square northeast of Cyrene’s mandatory fast travel point and you’ll find Diocles and Simonides. Talk to Diocles and he’ll inform you that, celebrating Cyrene’s apparent freedom from the strife caused by its unruly Romans, he’s decided to earn some good-will by giving back Leander’s Villa to the people of Cyrene… a fitting end for such a man’s estate. Only problem is, to make it legal they’ll need Leander’s deed, which is held back up in the Roman Akropolis. If you just finished “ Founding Father “ and “ The Final Weighing “ - and didn’t stray too far away for too long - the acropolis should still be empty, making this a simple task, indeed.

After your victory over Flavius, talk to Diocles, who has more work for Bayek (left), return to the Roman Akropolis and search the underground treasury to find the deed Diocles wants (right).

Return to the Roman Akropolis and head into the building under the northwestern alarm brazier, then descend into the cellar where the large white chest is. Down here you’ll find the Deed to Leander’s Villa on a table near the large white chest. Grab it, then return to Diocles, who is still in the square northeast of the mandatory fast travel point. Give him the deed and he’ll mention your old friend Vitruvius, who seems to have gotten himself in a spot of trouble.

The Marauders and the Manuscript

Fast travel to the Oracle of Apollo southeast of Cyrene and make your way to the southeast to find the road running southwest along the Prasinos Outpost. You’ll find Vitruvius along the southern end of this road, on the side of the road. Talk to him and he’ll complain about some marauders that made off with his manuscript. For some reason, telling him “write another one” isn’t an option, so it seems Bayek will have to butcher these bandits before they can use Vitruvius’ life work as toilet paper.

Kill the bandit at the Desperate Gully Hideout (left), including the one with Vitruvius' manupscript (right).

Desperate Gully Hideout

Make your way northwast to reach this bandit camp, which is in a depression in the hills just off the road. In fact, another road leads directly to the camp, but there are certainly better approaches. Standard bandit camp, aside from the terrain - there are half a dozen bandits in the camp, including a captain (level 36). Kill the bandits on the outskirts of the camp, then pick off the ones below you with ranged attacks or takedowns from above, including the elite soldier that has the De Architectura . Once that manuscript is yours, search a tent on an elevated ledge along the southwestern edge of the camp to find a red chest to loot.

Reward: For completing the Desperate Gully Hideout
600 XP

Talk to Praxilla back at Balagrae (left) and she'll ask you to hunt down wayward Crios. Chase of the lion that has him scared up a rock to rescue the addled man (right).

Crion and the Cats

With the manuscript in hand, return it to Vitruvius, who is back near his aqueduct. Once he’s been appeased, fast travel to Balagrae and talk to Praxilla, who Bayek also encourages to travel to the Oracle of Apollo. Of course, Praxilla will burden you with another task before leaving… seems Crios is out harvesting herbs and could use some adult supervision. Deploy Senu to locate the man, then make your way into the fields to the southeast where you’ll find Crios on a rock, probably due to the big, scary lions prowling around below. Kill the cats, then climb the rock and talk to Crios, who is just as crazy as ever.

With that good deed done, return to the Oracle of Apollo, where your friends have been congregating. Head to the quest marker and some chatter will ensue, after which the quest will end.

Reward: For completing the quest “Pax Romana”
5,250 XP, Bow of Arash


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