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Wrath of the Poets

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 20

Actor in Akra

For this quest, you’ll need to head to the northern end of mainland Alexandria, just northeast of the fast travel point for the city, or due north of where you appear after using it. Here you’ll find an odeon, on the stage of which your old friend Phanos the Younger is shouting his political opinions.

Go pay him a visit and he’ll complain about the heavy-handed legal system in Alexandria. It should surprise nobody that controversial political works are heavily censored, and accordingly Phanos’s play has been confiscated and his actors jailed. Playing the part of the active hero isn’t really suited to Phanos’s physique or skillset, however, so Bayek offers to right these wrongs.

Behold now the search area that appears around the Akra Garrison. Hoo-boy. Travel near there and use Senu to spot the incarcerated actors, who are in the enclosed courtyard along the north-central part of the Akra Garrison. The area hasn’t changed, nor have the guards (levels 9-10), so you can possibly just cut your way through them with ease at this point. Still, if you wish to be sneaky about it, tactics similar to the ones you explored when you hunted down Gennadios. Infiltrate via the southwestern section of wall which flirts with the sea, fight your way northeast, turn north and sabotage the alarm brazier above the western gate, then return south and fight your way east along the wall until you’re south of the courtyard where the imprisoned poet is being held captive. Don’t be too light-handed, however, as you’ll have to carry him out, meaning you’ll need to clear the southwestern section of the fort to have a reasonable hope of getting the poet out without being bothered.

The Plays the Thing

Carry the actor out, set him down, and talk to him and he’ll tell you that two others actors managed to escape on their own, but the Phylakitai hunts them. Bayek had better find them before the guards do, but that’s not the only matter of concern - one of the guards has Phanos’s play, and should the contents of it become known, Phanos himself will be in danger. Well, more danger.

The guard with the play (level 21) can be at the royal palace of Akra Garrison, depending on the time of day, or anywhere between the two. Obviously he’ll be easier to hunt when he’s en route between the two places, and you can simply wait for him to be vulnerable before going after him. Locate him with Senu and wait, or go after him wherever you find him. He’s joined by two other guards (level 21) along with whatever other members of the nearby garrison may be about, but none of them should prove to be much in the way of challenge, Kill him and recover the scroll “ The Politics of the Gods “ and save Pharos from himself.

Saving Another Actor

Once that’s done, find the actors in their home, which is located northwest of the Akra Garrison. Don’t just run blindly on in, however, and stick to high ground, as a pack of guards (level 20) patrol the street in front of the house. You can easily enter via a balcony on the western side of the house, inside of which you’ll find an actor. Note that it’s only one actor, however. His fellow, Kapaneus, fled, luring the guards here in the process. Something to worry about shortly, for now, however, you’ll have to kill the guards outside and escort this actor to safety… or just stick to the roofs and head north to the main street running through Alexandria. The actor is actually a fairly proficient climber and capable of keeping up with you… mostly.

After all that running about, you now merely need to return west to the odeon and report to Phanos. Phanos will go on about artistic integrity, promise to immortalize Bayek, then get caught up in the minutiae of his craft. When he’s gone, a wiser man will step in and promise some changes that might spare them a grisly death. Smart man.

Reward: For completing the quest “Wrath of the Poets”
1,500 XP


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