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Smoke Over Water

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 15

Jeska and the Hippopotamus Lair

Return to Harkhuf’s house and pick this quest up from the Informant Table, then head to the search area on the southwestern edge of Sais, using Senu to spot your target - Amosis - when you get close. When you reach the dock Amosis is selling fish on and talk to her to learn that Harkhuf’s agent Jeska isn’t dead, as previously believed, but to avoid Sefetu’s patrols she’s taken the risk of sailing through hippopotamus-infested waters.

After getting this nugget of information, deploy Senu again and fly south to locate Jeska, who is predictably having trouble with the massive water pigs. Commandeer a vessel and sail south to find a Hippopotamus Lair, locate the target hippo (level 14) and any nearby hippos (level 15), then pick them off from a safe distance with headshots. Don’t worry, Jeska won’t die, but she will occupy the hippopotami.

Jeska is surrounded by hippos (left) on a small island. If you're feeling brave, rush into help (right) or take them out from a distance.

Reward: For completing the Hippopotamus Lair
300 XP

Sefetus Mark

When the hippos are dead, talk to Jeska and she’ll tell you a bogus story, before Bayek brings up the magick word “Sefetu”. After explaining the situation, she’ll make a deal; help her get the supplies she’s smuggling to their destination, then she’ll entertain your needs later. Not much of a deal, but it’s all you’re getting.

Hop on her ship and she’ll sail you south - a welcome change from the usual - telling you her story as you sail. When you make land, she’ll point out the obvious signs of trouble, and race over to check on her village. Follow her to Mefkat which… has seen better days. Worse, it’s crawling with Sefetu’s soldiers.


Don’t draw attention to yourself and Jeska shouldn’t give your location away. Get in some foliage and scout the area with Senu, who can pick out the enemies among the ruins. There are eight soldiers (levels 15-16) in total, and there’s plenty of foliage to hide in, making it relatively easy to assassinate them. Just more east from the western end of the sacked village and kill them as the opportunity arises - whistling again is your best friend here. Once all the soldiers are dead, climb a tree near the center of town to find a satchel atop one of its branches, then loot a a small chest on a wagon, near a ruined tower. With those two treasures plunded, you’ll have complete the location objectives for Mefkat.

Sneak around the village killing the looters (left) and if you have the Chain Assassination skill (right), your work will be swifter.

Reward: For completing the Mefkat
300 XP

Ptolemy Statue

Before you talk to Jeska, there’s one more thing you can do here. Along the western edge of Mefkat there’s a Ptolemy statue. Pay it the same sort of respect that his soldiers gave to Mefkat for some easy experience.

Reward: For destroying a Ptolemy Statue
300 XP

Talk to Jeska, who takes the loss rather stoicly. Just as you’re leaving, however, you’ll hear the moaning of an injured man, after which Jeska will have a close encounter that proves Bayek’s worries weren’t unfounded. Afterwards, pick up the injured man - Pentu - and make your way northeast to the farm Jeska mentioned. Be wary of soldiers patrolling the road to the north and use cover to hide from them, as necessary or put Pentu down and kill them.

However you make it past, ford the river beyond and approach the farm to deliver Pentu into their care. Afterwards, Jeska will renew her conviction to destroy Sefetu and Harkhuf will get his agent back. Everybody wins! Well, except the residents of Mefkat, but… details.

Reward: For completing the quest “Smoke Over Water”
2,000 XP


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