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Striking the Anvil

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 3

Return to Hepzefa’s house and from there travel southwest to find Benipe the blacksmith. Chat with him and he’ll inform Bayek that he was caught being up to no good, and the pharaoh’s men wisely confiscated his tools. Compared to what others have faced, he got off light. Still, you need a blacksmith, and Benipe is an ideological ally, so that’s two reasons to help him out. Your objectives are likewise numbered, as you not only need to reclaim Benipe’s tools, but you need to eliminate the captain that was causing him trouble. Both can be found in Camp Shetjeh, to the southwest.

You know what this mean. Summon Senu and have her fly over and locate the two objectives, then scan the area while hovering to locate what enemies you can. A fine spot to infiltrate is the southeastern edge of the camp, where you’ll find another wooden watch tower. There’s only one enemy regularly here (the archer that mans the tower) and plenty of grass under the tower itself. So long as you time your ascent wisely and don’t get spotted scaling the cliffs, you can easily eliminate the archer here, then murder your way north through the camp. The Captain you’re after also frequently comes to patrol near this gate.

If that’s not your speed, there’s an irrigation ditch along the northern end of the camp that runs through the camp wall with grass both before you cross into the restricted area, and beyond, and an open doorway in the wall along the northern end of the camp that has grass before and beyond it, making the odds of the enemy detecting your infiltration nearly impossible… as long as you don’t outright bump into a guard.

Ranging from level one to three (the latter of which is the Captain), these enemies are really no match for Bayek, no matter how sloppy you play - so long as you don’t end up fighting with several of them at once, and particularly as long as you’re careful to not let them light the beacon, which is a standard of failure for one of these stronghold infiltration minions only above actually dying. The beacon in this camp is on high ground along the western end of the camp, and you can, if you’re careful, sneak your way there and leave a trap at the beacon, which will make it harder for the enemy to call in reinforcements. This beacon is easily reachable if you climb the cliffs west of the camp’s northern gate, after which just head south through high grass and leap across some wooden structures.

Stalk your way through the camp - however you care to infiltrate, whether you trap the beacon or not - and dispatch the Captain where convenient, then enter the red tent where Benipe’s tools are being stored. They happen to be in a red chest, the looting of which is also an area objective. Once the Captain and the chest are looted you’ll have completed the area, and can return to Benipe.

Reward (For completing Camp Shetjeh)
200 XP

Return to Benipe with the tools in hand - and news of the vanquished Captain - and Benipe will allow you to pick one of four weapons as your reward. These include a Light Bow, a Shield, a Mace or a Spear. Pick whichever you fancy to gain a rare (purple) quality weapon of that type, after which this quest will be complete.

Approach the camp here and climb the wall into the grass (left). The tools are found in a large tent at the center of the camp (right).

Reward (For completing the quest “Striking the Anvil”)
500 XP

Before you run off to the next task, however, peruse the blacksmith’s services. In addition to the obvious options to buy and sell weapons, the blacksmith will also upgrade weapons for you, bringing them up to Bayek’s current level. The price varies depending on the quality of the item and the level it’s being raised to, but if you found a lovely rare or legendary weapon you’d rather keep, this is a fine way to prevent it from becoming obsolete. A blacksmith can also refill your expended ammo (arrows and tools) for a price.


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