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Water Rats

Nathan Garvin

Suggested Level: 3

You can start this quest via the Informant Table at Hepzefa’s home. Once you’ve accepted this quest you’ll be directed to find the Amanai Cave in the mountains north of Hepzefa’s home. Make good use of Senu and use the golden reticle (and some patience) to find the entrance to the cave, then head there on foot (or hoof, as the case may be) with Bayek. Seems some dastardly bandits have seized control of a fresh water spring here, and are charging nearby farmers for access. That’s right, they’re as evil as Nestlé!

Anywho, ride towards Amanai Cave, along the way to which there’s a good chance you’ll discover the Coral Escarpment Camp, which is just north of Hepzefa’s home, midway to Amanai Cave. It’s something you can deal with later, but worth pointing out. When you arrive at the cave Bayek will chat with a peasant lurking outside the cave, who will implore you to clear out the bandits inside the cave.

Speaking of which, there are quite a few of them inside the cave, both on the level you enter onto, and in a depression. There are more than enough to overwhelm you if you draw their attention all at once, and the bandits are generally more tenacious and powerful than the soldiers you fought during the quest “Family Reunion” . Most of them are level three, but their leader is a level four specimen who is not to be taken lightly in direct combat if you’re below his level. Fortunately there are stretches of grass that run through large swathes of the cave, making it easy to pick a few off as they walk their rounds.

You can also follow a path to the right of the entrance of the cave to find a hole in the ceiling of the cave, providing a fine spot from which to fire down at the bandits below, just be wary of Hyenas resting nearby. Indeed, if you’ve been fortunate enough to obtain a Predator Bow, you can pick them with headshots from a great distance away - usually enough to facilitate hit-and-run tactics, as you’ll likely be able to lose them with ease before they can find you. There’s also plenty of arrow containers in the cave, enough so that you can probably rely entirely on archery, no matter how bad your aim.

However you manage it, when all the bandits are dead you’ll complete the quest and earn a hefty experience reward. If you find the peasant that was waiting outside of the cave, he’ll also chat with you, for what that’s worth.

Reward (For completing the quest “Water Rats”)
600 XP

The mace is very useful to take out the bandits in the cave (left). On your travels, be sure to seek out the red loot chests (right).

While the quest may be over, you may have noticed a location objective pop up on your screen as you explored the Amanai Cave. It’s not enough to merely complete quests at a location, oh no, most areas also have specific, simple objectives you can complete there, as well. Most of the time it’s a location-specific function, or something trivial like killing a specific animal or enemy, or in this case, finding treasure. Not just any treasure, however, in this case you’ll need to find three red chests shimmering in indication of the exceptional loot found therein. It’s usually a simple enough matter, and it’ll earn you extra loot and experience, so there’s no good reason not to do it.

From where you entered the cave, head to the pit down in which the bandit camp was situated, then continue east along the walkway around the edge of the pit and across some wooden bridges. Pass a stone pillar to the south, and before you reach some wooden stairs turn south and continue past the pillar, then turn west to find a dead-end where the first chest sits. Return to the entrance to the cave and make your way to the pit again, this time descending a ladder into the pit. The second chest is just across (southwest) from the ladder. Finally, head down some stairs and turn east, wading through some water to find the third and final chest.

Reward (For completing Amanai Cave)
150 XP

By now you should have earned more than enough experience to hit level three, which puts you in range to tackled the quest “The False Oracle” , and you’ve exhausted the quests at Hepzefa’s Informant Table. There are, however, many more sidequests you can see to around Siwa, and more gameplay mechanics to dabble in. That being the case, the next three quests that’ll be covered are, in order, “Striking the Anvil” (Suggested Level: 3), “Hideaway” (Suggested Level: 3), and “The Healer” (Suggested Level: 3).


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