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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

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BP and Prizes

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) You can also pay using BP earned from Mantine Surf etc.

You can also pay using BP earned from Mantine Surf etc. (left), (right)

There are three receptionists who will give you various prizes in exchange for BP. Some of these prizes are exclusive to the Battle Royal, others are here simply for convenience. There are a lot of useful items here, and then there are some that aren’t so great. Let’s see what you can exchange for, and what you should and shouldn’t exchange for.

Left NPC

Your biggest prize here is obviously the Ability Capsule. Did you breed a perfect shiny Pokemon that feels like the biggest lottery win ever, only to see it has the wrong ability? The Ability Capsule will switch a Pokemon’s ability if the Pokemon has two available, non-Hidden Abilities. The Ability Capsule cannot give your Pokemon a Hidden Ability, so bear that in mind before you drop the BP.

The Vitamins will give your Pokemon a quick EV Boost but you are better off saving your BP for other things and simply battle Pokemon or use Poke Pelago to EV train. Rare Candies can be nice if you need them but you can definitely level up your Pokemon yourself faster than BP brinding for Rare Candies.

Item BP Cost
HP Up 2 BP
Protein 2 BP
Iron 2 BP
Carbos 2 BP
Calcium 2 BP
Zinc 2 BP
Rare Candy 48 BP
Ability Capsule 100 BP

Middle NPC

Now these are some real slam dunkers. All of the Power Items will drastically speed up your EV training, while the Everstone is a breeding necessity. However you can get all of them for free if you’re patient–the Power Items from the postgame areas and the Everstone from Ilima when you’re the Champion (or via Poke Pelago’s cave excursions).

Item BP Cost
Power Bracer 16 BP
Power Belt 16 BP
Power Lens 16 BP
Power Band 16 BP
Power Anklet 16 BP
Power Weight 16 BP
Everstone 16 BP

Right NPC

Finally, this lady has a bunch of battle-related hold items. They might all seem shiny and awesome due to their cost, but only the Leftovers is really worth it. All the Weather-extension stones can be gotten for free in Malie City, for example.

The Destiny Knot is another breeding necessity, but you can get one for free once you reach Acerola’s trial by defending a swimmer from a swarm of "Frillish" IconFrillish, so wait for that.

Item BP Cost
Bright Powder 48 BP
Quick Claw 48 BP
Soothe Bell 48 BP
Scope Lens 48 BP
Leftovers 48 BP
Shell Bell 48 BP
Muscle Band 48 BP
Wise Glasses 48 BP
Expert Belt 48 BP
Zoom Lens 48 BP
Metronome 48 BP
Destiny Knot 48 BP
Icy Rock 48 BP
Smooth Rock 48 BP
Heat Rock 48 BP
Damp Rock 48 BP
Float Stone 48 BP
Binding Band 48 BP
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