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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

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Festival Coins

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) FC can only be earned and spent in Festival Plaza.

FC can only be earned and spent in Festival Plaza. (left), (right)

Festival Coins (FC) are a special currency that only has use within the Festival Plaza. Earn more Festival Coins so you can rank up your Castle and buy goods and services from your facilities. Considering that you can do things like rapidly level your Pokemon up to the 90s, it is worth your time to rank up your castle for rarer facilities, and then milk them for all they’ve got.

Lucky for you, earning Festival Coins is much faster than in Sun & Moon. Here’s the rundown of how to max out your FC wallet.

Battle or Trade

After a battle or a trade, the trainer you interacted with my be inside your Castle by a table. Chat them up and they’ll thank you for meeting up with them and give you a few Festival Coins. In Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon you can get 12+ FC for doing Wonder Trades. It can be irritating to have to re-tap the Trade button to initiate Wonder Trade but you can quickly rack up the points by taking the time to chat with who you trade with.

The fortune tent facilities sometimes have a chance of doubling your FC gain as well, making racking up FC from trades even easier.

Listen to the whispers

People will pop up in your circular castle road from all over the place online, and they’re all real in-life trainers from somewhere. As you run close to them, you’ll see a speech bubble pop up. Normally it’s the greeting they have set to default but sometimes the speech bubble is tinted red and will have a different greeting such as “Tell me! Tell me!” or “Do you understand how I am feeling?”.

Talk to those people and if you are successful in answering their questions you will earn FC. Again, you can get roughly double of what Sun & Moon used to give you. It is definitely worth your time.

Statement Action
Battle! Battle! Accept to have a “battle” of the two players’ stats (people met, trades done, etc.)
Do you know how I feel? Direct the trainer to a random shop and hope they like it
Do you understand? Accept to have a “battle” of the two players’ stats (people met, trades done, etc.)
Do you want to know a secret? Accept to listen to the trainer talk about themselves for a bit
I’m hungry. Direct the trainer to a cafe or restaurant
I want my Pokemon to play. Direct the trainer to a Bouncy House or Haunted House facility
I want to be excited. Direct the trainer to a Bouncy House, Haunted House, or Lottery facility
I want to make my Pokemon happy. Direct the trainer to a cafe/restaurant, Bouncy House, or Haunted House facility
I want to meet! I want to meet! Accept to have a “battle” of the two players’ stats (people met, trades done, etc.)
I want to see great moves! Direct to a cafe/restaurant, Bouncy House, or Dye Shop facility
I want to shop. Direct to a store facility
I want to treat myself! Direct to a store, Fortune Teller, or Lottery facility
Listen! Listen! Accept to listen to the trainer talk about themselves for a bit
Tell me! Tell me! Accept to answer their question about you

Participate in Missions and Global Missions

Missions are held by players and can have anywhere from only that 1 person (so lonely…) to a smorgasboard of 60+ people all having fun together.

You can initiate the mission yourself using a Festival Ticket or join other people’s missions. You can see if a mission is happening when a red bar appears on the top of your touch screen with a message scrolling through it.

Both the group score and your individual contribution will increase the amont of FC you get, and you stand to receive up to 50+ FC from these missions. The more people who participate, the higher the group score, which means more stars and even more FC.

The missions can range anywhere from answering type advantage/Inverse type battle advantage quizzes to learning Spanish/Japanese, to finding people who are oldest/youngest siblings and so on.

The fastest mission to do for FC gain is the type advantage or Inverse type battle quizzes as they don’t last very long and give out the most amount of FC for your points. Missions like "Tauros" IconTauros boulder breaking are quick and fun but don’t give out as much FC.

Global Missions are the exact same thing except they are released by the overlords themselves, Game Freak and Nintendo. Therefore any active player can join, and stay joined for the duration of the mission!

They will run for a set amount of days and will give the largest amount of FC, all the way up to the thousands (but only if the very difficult objectives are completed!). Objectives range from collecting lots of BP to hatchling lots of eggs.

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