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Optional - Hau'oli Cemetery

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Running into Ghosts is almost inevitable.

Running into Ghosts is almost inevitable. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Hau’oli Cemetery

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Drifloon" IconDrifloon Ghost/Flying All grass in Hau’oli Cemetery (40%)
"Gastly" IconGastly Ghost/Poison All grass in Hau’oli Cemetery (40%)
"Zubat" IconZubat Poison/Flying All grass in Hau’oli Cemetery (20%)

Brr… this is one place you don’t want to be visiting at night. By the entrance, there’s a lamppost with a bunch of tall grass above it. Diligently search the base of the lamppost to uncover a hidden Great Ball. Next, head due east, following the dirt path. Before long, the path will branch north and partially to the east.

Head east first, through the tall grass, then north after the corner. Hiding over here is… a ghost! Oh wait, it’s just a Pokémon trainer obscured by the trees’ shadows. Ahem.

Pokémon Breeder Ikue

Pokémon Level Type
"Pikachu" IconPikachu 9 Electric

Well, if it isn’t the mascot and lovable face of the Pokémon franchise, "Pikachu" IconPikachu! This electric rodent is weak to Ground-types, but you probably don’t have one right now. Just like against "Pichu" IconPichu, fight it with anything besides Water and Flying-types.

Beyond Ikue is another golden ball, this time containing TM100 Confide. By the way, we’ve got a secret we need to tell you… we’re absolutely, definitely not afraid of ghosts. Okay, we may be slightly–or very–afraid of ghosts. Ha, did you just see your Special Attack stat lower?

Pressing on… return to the dirt path and follow it north between the row of tombstones. When the path becomes a crossroad, search the very center of the crossroad for a secret Ether. Afterwards, go left to find a Paralyze Heal in the bottom-left corner and an excited Pokémon trainer in the corner just above.

(1 of 2) For the record, we don't have a third eye: just the power of hindsight.

For the record, we don't have a third eye: just the power of hindsight. (left), (right)

Office Worker Jeremy

Pokémon Level Type
Pikapek 9 Normal/Flying

A weak bird Pokémon encountered in Route 1. Unless you’re feeling masochistic, put "Rowlet" IconRowlet on the sidelines and send out "Pichu" IconPichu if you have one. Otherwise, pretty much any other Pokémon that’s not a Bug-type will get the job done.

From the crossroad, head north-east towards the corner of the cemetery. Around here is a young Pokémon trainer seeking thrills, as well as a Big Mushroom above a big tombstone.

Preschooler Malia

Pokémon Level Type
"Happiny" IconHappiny 8 Normal

A baby Pokémon that evolves into "Chansey" IconChansey. Right now, it barely registers as a threat. That said, hit it with physical moves just to be safe, since it has decent special bulk.

If you know no fear, stand near the furthest tombstone to the right of Malia. There’s a Photo Spot here, for your Poké Finder needs. Otherwise, there’s no sense overstaying your welcome. Head due west from Malia and pick up the Super Potion in the opposite corner. Afterwards, retrace your steps and leave via the south-west.


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