Number Name Type How to Obtain
051 Alakazam Psychic Evolves from Kadabra by trading
052 Meowth* Dark Route 1, 2, Hau’oli City, Malie Garden
053 Persian* Dark Evolves from Meowth* with high happiness
054 Magnemite Electric/Steel Route 1, Hau’oli City, Outer Cape
055 Magneton Electric/Steel Evolves from Magnemite at Lv 30
056 Magnezone Electric/Steel Evolves from Magneton at Blush Mountain or Vast Poni Canyon
057 Grimer* Poison/Dark Route 1, Hau’oli City, Outer Cape
058 Muk* Poison/Dark Evolves from Grimer* at Lv 38
059 Mime Jr. Psychic Hau’oli City
060 Mr. Mime Psychic Evolves from Mime Jr. when knowing the move Mimic.
061 Ekans Poison Route 2
062 Arbok Poison Evolves from Ekans at Lv 22. Trade Trumbeak at Route 8 Pokemon Center.
Number Name Type How to Obtain
063 Dunsparce Normal Route 2
064 Growlithe Fire Route 2
065 Arcanine Fire Evolves from Growlithe when using a Fire Stone
066 Drowzee Psychic Route 2
067 Hypno Psychic Evolves from Drowzee at Lv 26. Poni Plains
068 Makuhita Fighting Route 2
069 Hariyama Fighting Evolves from Makuhita at Lv 24. Poni Plains
070 Smeargle Normal Route 2
071 Crabrawler Fighting [Under berry trees] Route 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, 17, Berry Fields, Poni Plains, Poni Wilds, Secluded Shore
072 Crabominable Fighting/Ice Level up Crabrawler on Mount Lanakila
073 Gastly Ghost/Poison Route 1, Hau’oli Cemetery, Memorial Hill
074 Haunter Ghost/Poison Abandoned Thrifty Megamart
075 Gengar Ghost/Poison Evolves from Haunter by trading
076 Drifloon Ghost/Flying Route 1, Hau’oli Cemetery
Number Name Type How to Obtain
077 Drifblim Ghost/Flying Evolves from Drifloon at Lv 28
078 Murkrow Dark/Flying [Night] Hau’oli Cemetery
079 Honchkrow Dark/Flying Evolves from Murkrow with Dusk Stone
080 Zubat Poison/Flying Diglett’s Tunnel, Hau’oli Cemetery, Memorial Hill, Seaward Cave, Ten Carat Hill, Verdant Cavern, Sandy Cave
081 Golbat Poison/Flying Evolves from Zubat at Lv 22. Lush Jungle, Mount Lanakila, Resolution Cave, Vast Poni Canyon, Abandoned Thrifty Megamart
082 Crobat Poison/Flying Evolves from Golbat with high happiness.
083 Noibat Flying/Dragon Verdant Cavern. Trade Lillipup at Route 5 Pokemon Center.
084 Noivern Flying/Dragon Evolves from Noibat at Lv 48
085 Diglett* Ground/Steel Route 5, 7, Diglett’s Tunnel, Verdant Cavern
086 Dugtrio* Ground/Steel Evolves from Diglett* at Lv 26. Haina Desert, Lush Jungle, Poni Coast, Resolution Cave, Vast Poni Canyon
087 Spearow Normal/Flying Route 2, 3
Number Name Type How to Obtain
088 Fearow Normal/Flying Evolves from Spearow at Lv 20. Route 10, 17, Mount Hokulani, Poni Plains
089 Rufflet Normal/Flying [Ultra Sun] Route 3
090 Braviary Normal/Flying [Ultra Sun] Evolves from Rufflet at Lv 54. Poni Plains
091 Vullaby Dark/Flying [Ultra Moon] Route 3
092 Mandibuzz Dark/Flying [Ultra Moon] Evolves from Vullaby at Lv 54, Poni Plains
093 Mankey Fighting Route 3
094 Primeape Fighting Evolves from Mankey at Lv 28. Poni Plains
095 Delibird Ice/Flying Seaward Cave
096 Hawlucha Fighting/Flying Route 3. Trade Spearow at Route 2 Pokemon Center.
097 Oricorio Fire/Flying, Electric/Flying, Psychic/Flying, Ghost/Flying Route 6, Melemele Meadow, Poni Meadow, Ula’ula Meadow
098 Cutiefly Bug/Fairy Route 2, 3, Melemele Meadow
Number Name Type How to Obtain
099 Ribombee Bug/Fairy Poni Meadow, Ula’ula Meadow
100 Flabebe Fairy Melemele Meadow

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