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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Ruins of Abundance - Tapu Bulu

Vincent Lau

"Tapu Bulu" IconTapu Bulu’s ruins are the only ruins you’re not forced to visit during the story–and, actually, its location isn’t immediately obvious. To get there, you need to traverse Haina Desert in the center of Ula’ula Island. Earlier, we explored the desert in detail; if you haven’t already been, please refer to the Haina Desert page.

Otherwise, ring up "Charizard" IconCharizard and point it towards the Ruins of Abundance glide spot. When you reach the ruin entrance, don’t be shy and go inside. In front of you, there’s a "Machamp" IconMachamp Shove puzzle. Ignore the two blocks near the entrance and instead go along the east side until you’re stopped by a block.

Push this block north so you can head across to the west side. Over here, shove the nearby block to the north all the way forward. Now you can reach the doorway to Tapu Bulu’s altar. By the way, when you leave the altar, the blocks will be reset to their original positions, meaning you have to create a way out.

What you need to do is go along the east side and shove the block halfway along south so you can cross over to the west side. Next, head south along the west side. Finally, push the block on the right to create a space leading back to the entrance. Anyway, when it’s time to battle Tapu Bulu, remember to save your game as always.

Legendary Pokémon

Pokémon Level Type
"Tapu Bulu" IconTapu Bulu 60 Grass/Fairy

This bull-like tapu has tremendous Attack and good physical bulk, but is the slowest of the four tapu. Its Grassy Surge Ability triggers Grassy Terrain at the start of battle, which boosts the power of Grass-type moves and causes all Pokémon in battle to slowly restore HP. But only if they’re on the ground.

For attacks, it can use Zen Headbutt to damage Poison-types, Megahorn to hurt Grass-types, Skull Bash to charge up an attack and raise its Defense, and Nature’s Madness to halve HP. As you may have noticed, it lacks a Grass-type STAB move, making it less of an offensive threat compared to the other tapu.

When considering Tapu Bulu’s attacks, Steel-types are the safest choice defensively. In terms of damaging Bulu, physical attacks are recommended to minimize the damage done. Just remember that, like Koko and Lele, Bulu is weak to Steel, so you need to be somewhat careful when attacking with your Steel-type.

Also don’t forget that Bulu will restore a small amount of health for five turns because of Grassy Terrain. To make it easier to catch Bulu, you’ll want a way to inflict paralysis or sleep. However, keep in mind that Bulu is a Grass-type and thus immune to “powder” moves like Spore, Sleep Powder and Stun Spore.

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