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Isle Abeens

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Wild Pokemon are attracted by the scent of Poke Beans.

Wild Pokemon are attracted by the scent of Poke Beans. (left), (right)

Isle Abeens is the first Isle you get to start out with and as the name suggests, this is where the almighty beanstalk grows for you to harvest beans from. Tap the beanstalk to shake it, then tap the beans it drops.

Every day you will get a fixed number of beans, and if you go without playing for a few days, all those beans get backlogged and you will find yourself unable to shake the beanstalk dry. Be sure to stop by once a day to harvest your beans!

Sometimes, your Pokemon will have a (!) above their heads. Tap on them and they’ll gift you a Poke Bean they found and picked up.

You need Poke Beans to develop all the other Isles plus using Poke Beans can double the speed at which things happen on Poke Pelago, so prioritize Isle Abeens when developing the Pelago so that you can develop everything else faster.

Visiting Pokémon

That’s not all, though. Leave some Poke Beans in the wooden crate you see by tapping it, and wild Pokemon might wander to your Isle Abeens and hang around. Tap them and Mohn will notice them. If you’re lucky, they will stay. Come back the next day and if they are there with a heart icon above their sprite, they will want to join your Pokemon team!

Aside from more common Pokemon like "Zubat" IconZubat, rarer, evolved Pokemon like "Honchkrow" IconHonchkrow can show up. They’re not guaranteed to stick around, so if they’re gone the next day, don’t let it get you down! More Pokemon will show up and you can always put Poke Beans in the crate to attract even more wild Pokemon.

Upgrading Isle Abeens

Here’s the requirements for developing Isle Abeens to its max.

Isle Level Plain Beans Pokemon in PC
1 - -
2 30 Beans 15 Pokemon
3 90 Beans 30 Pokemon


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