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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Optional - Melemele Sea

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) Obviously there’s no shortage of Water-type Pokémon in the sea.

Obviously there’s no shortage of Water-type Pokémon in the sea. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Surfing

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Tentacool Water/Poison Surfing everywhere (40%)
Mantyke Water/Flying Surfing everywhere (20%)
Remoraid Water SOS from Mantyke
Finneon Water Surfing everywhere (20%)
Wingull Water/Flying Surfing everywhere (20%)

Pokemon Encounters - Fishing

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
Luvdisc Water Standard fishing spots (25%), bubbling fishing spots (15%)
Wishiwashi Water Standard fishing spots (25%), bubbling fishing spots (15%)
Magikarp Water Standard fishing spots (25%), bubbling fishing spots (15%)
Gyarados Water/Flying SOS from Magikarp
Remoraid Water Standard fishing spots and bubbling fishing spots (15%)
Octillery Water SOS from Remoraid
Clamperl Water Standard fishing spots (5%), bubbling fishing spots (35%)
Gorebyss Water [Day] SOS from Clamperl
Huntail Water [Night] SOS from Clamperl
Corsola Water/Rock Standard fishing spots and bubbling fishing spots (5%)
Mareanie Poison/Water SOS from Corsola

Coming from the west, there’s a female swimmer floating around not far from the Beachfront shores.

Swimmer Portia

Pokémon Level Type
Luvdisc 17 Water
Luvdisc 17 Water

You’re not seeing double, this swimmer has brought along a pair of Luvdisc, because clearly one heart-shaped fish is not enough. Aside from Luvdisc’s above-average Speed, there’s absolutely no reason to fear it. Grass and Electric-types are obviously the way to go.

East from the swimmer is a small, secluded shore. At first glance, it seems extremely unremarkable, but this shore is potentially a mini gold mine. If you let Stoutland search around the east side, near the cliff face, you can find a buried Rare Candy.

Jump back on Lapras’s back and start heading south. Around here are a bunch of water-logged boulders. Near the boulders to the right, there’s a second swimmer who’s slowly swimming back and forth, following the boulders. By the way, feel free to use any of the bubbling fishing spots along the way.

Swimmer Jade

Pokémon Level Type
Clamperl 18 Water

A sturdy Water-type, but otherwise unremarkable in its current, unevolved state. You may be interested to know that you can fish for Clamperl around these seas.

Next, navigate east between the boulders. You’ll go past a sea cave above that’s surrounded by boulders, but that’s a job for another day. By the way, there’s nothing exciting inside, in case you were wondering. As you pass along the southern side of Ten Carat Hill, you’ll arrive at the eastern half of the sea.

Continue paddling north-east. Nearby is a swimmer doing a “S” shape between the cliff face and the rocks enclosing the area.

Swimmer Shelby

Pokémon Level Type
Corsola 18 Water/Rock

This pink lump of coral takes 4x damage from Grass-type moves and the usual super-effective damage from Electric, Ground and Fighting-types. It has good defenses and knows Recover, so you’ll want to take advantage of its weaknesses.

Further north-east, near the end of the rocks bordering the entire area, is a swimmer pacing back and forth between the cliff and the surrounding rocks.

Swimmer Kelsie

Pokémon Level Type
Finneon 17 Water

A weak unevolved Water-type that you may have bumped into while paddling. As usual, trash it with Grass or Electric-types or any of your properly trained Pokémon, then move on.

Beyond, the seas will become empty for a while. Heading directly north will take you to the beach outside Kukui’s lab. Instead, swim south-east from the wide empty sea, above the rocky outcrop protruding from the bordering rocks. Towards the east, a large island will come into view.

Approach the south-east side of the island, where you can disembark on the shore. In the very center of the island is a valuable Pearl String. Be cautious of the martial artist who’s diligently training towards the west; between stances, he’ll walk from the left towards the middle of the shoreline.

Black Belt Francis

Pokémon Level Type
Hawlucha 18 Fighting/Flying

This versatile Fighting and Flying-type should not be treated lightly. It has excellent Speed and respectable Attack, which–especially for low level Pokémon–can be a recipe for disaster. If you have them, Electric, Psychic or Fairy-types would be great allies to have here.

From “treasure island”, swim east, then around the edge of the island, heading towards the north. After clearing the island, a submerged item and a swimmer should come into view. Without further ado, continue north towards their position. Pick up the item to discover it’s a Super Repel. Oh, that wouldn’t be good for the sealife.

Swimmer Kalani

Pokémon Level Type
Mareanie 17 Poison/Water
Remoraid 17 Water

Mareanie is a vicious Pokémon that preys on Corsola. Like the common Tentacool, it’s a Water and Poison-type; thus, Electric, Ground and Psychic-types are recommended. Ground-types don’t have to worry about being hit with Water. Remoraid is a pure Water-type, so should be simple to figure out.

From this position, you should be able to see dry land to the north-west. Trust your instincts and swim in that direction. You’ll arrive on a small sandy island. Smack bang in the middle is some Soft Sand. That’s something that’s exactly where it should be. To the west of the island is a swimmer swimming up and down.

Swimmer Yasu

Pokémon Level Type
Wishiwashi 17 Water

This poor little fishy is a bit too low level to pose a threat. At Level 20 or higher, Wishiwashi can coalesce into the powerful School form, whereupon its stats are massively boosted. Right now though, it’s fodder for any well-trained Pokémon.

Finally, paddle directly west from the sandy island. You’ll land back on the Melemele mainland, on the beach where Kukui’s lab is. Phew, that was one heck of a work out for your friend, Lapras! There’s nothing else to do here, so once you’re ready to continue, let’s move on to the next tourist attraction!


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