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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Assisting Ilima

Vincent Lau

The last time you probably saw Ilima was during Mina’s Trial. If you want to gaze at his smug face again, you can visit his mansion along the west side of the Hau’oli City Shopping District, near the Town Hall. Ilima himself will be waiting in his room on the top floor and, upon seeing you, he will request a(nother) rematch.

Captain Ilima

Pokémon Level Type
Gumshoos 60 Normal
Smeargle 60 Normal
Komala 60 Normal

Ilima’s team has seen little changes since his previous battle, except for being higher Level. Gumshoos still has Hyper Fang for STAB, Super Fang to halve HP, and Crunch to hurt Ghosts. Fighting-types are obviously the way to go; Rock or Steel-types can be useful too.

Meanwhile Smeargle has kept Extreme Speed to attack first, but has replaced its coverage move with stronger versions: Power Whip, Fire Blast and Hydro Pump. Fortunately, it has sub-par stats, so you’ll do fine so long as your Pokémon are reasonably strong.

Finally, Ilima’s Komala still has Slam (and its Z-Move version) for STAB, Wood Hammer to pummel Rock-types, and Sucker Punch to go first if your Pokémon is attacking and inflict decent damage to Ghosts. Plus Zen Headbutt to punish Fighting-types.

Show Ilima how much you’ve improved and you’ll get the inspiration for his Left-handed Battle Style, as well as an Everstone.

Back for More

The next time you visit Ilima, he’ll ask you for a favor. You’ll receive Ilima’s Normalium Z from him, which you must place inside the pedestal at the end of Verdant Cavern.

Without delay, page Charizard and point the fiery lizard towards the Verdant Cavern glide spot along the north side of the island. After arriving, make your way to the Totem’s Den and place Ilima’s Normalium Z into the pedestal. What happens next is a neat throwback to your very first Totem Pokémon battle.

Totem Pokémon

Pokémon Level Type
Gumshoos (Ultra Sun) 60 Normal
Alolan Raticate (Ultra Moon) 60 Normal/Dark

Well, well, it’s time for a grudge match with the first totem. As before, the totem you face is different depending on which game you’re playing. However, this time around, the totem is much higher Level. Also, at the start of the battle, the totem’s stats will all increase by one stage, making it scarier than before.

In Ultra Sun, you’ll face off against Gumshoos again. For attacks, it can use Hyper Fang for STAB, Crunch to hurt Ghosts, Ice Fang to annoy Grass-types etc., and Protect to stall for time. It can summon Yungoos, which can use Super Fang to halve HP, and Torment to prevent your Pokémon from using the same move.

In Ultra Moon, Raticate is your foe instead. It can use Hyper Fang for STAB, Throat Chop to hurt Ghosts and disable sound-based moves, Double Team to boost evasion, and Protect for stalling purposes. It can summon Rattata, which also have Super Fang to halve HP, and Torment to stop you spamming the same moves.

Compared to the first battle, this is a much more difficult battle. But at the same time, you’ll have fought far fiercer totems since then, like Mimikyu or Ribombee. Fighting-types are still highly recommended, but note that the totem has a Chople Berry to reduce the damage of the first attack, and will likely use Protect so it can call for allies.

Triumph against the powered up totem and you’ll receive a Trial Guide Outfit. Which is fitting since you personally helped to set up the trial!


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