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Pokémon: Ultra Sun & Moon

Route 6

Vincent Lau

(1 of 2) A very straightforward route.

A very straightforward route. (left), (right)

Pokemon Encounters - Route 6

Name Type(s) Location (Rate)
"Igglybuff" IconIgglybuff Normal/Fairy [Day] All grass patches (20%)
"Jigglypuff" IconJigglypuff Normal/Fairy SOS from "Igglybuff" IconIgglybuff
"Happiny" IconHappiny Normal SOS from "Igglybuff" IconIgglybuff
"Mudbray" IconMudbray Ground Northwest grass patch (20%)
"Oricorio" IconOricorio (Pa’u Form) Psychic/Flying Southern grass patches (20%)
"Lillipup" IconLillipup Normal All grass patches (20%), [Night] (30%)
"Pikipek" IconPikipek Normal/Flying All grass patches (15%)
"Yungoos" IconYungoos Normal [Day] All grass patches (10%)
"Rattata" IconRattata (Alolan) Dark/Normal [Night] All grass patches (10%)
"Grubbin" IconGrubbin Bug All grass patches (10%)
"Eevee" IconEevee Normal All grass patches (5%)
"Espeon" IconEspeon Psychic [Day] SOS from "Eevee" IconEevee
"Umbreon" IconUmbreon Dark [Night] SOS from "Eevee" IconEevee

After dispersing the "Sudowoodo" IconSudowoodos, you’ll emerge at the top of a very straight and plain road. Apparently dubbed “Straight Street” by the locals. Well, let’s just jump straight into things, shall we? Towards the left, there’s a pair of trainers doing some push up exercises.

Dancing Family Jen and Fumiko

Pokémon Level Type
"Jigglypuff" IconJigglypuff 17 Normal/Fairy
"Igglybuff" IconIgglybuff 16 Normal/Fairy

This is a Double Battle featuring a baby Pokémon and its next evolved form. Both are Fairies and thus weak to Poison and Steel-types. Regardless, after surviving the terrifying Totem Pokémon from earlier, you should hardly struggle here.

South from the pair is a Revive by the edge of the path. If you’re evading battles, you should grab the item while the pair above are bending backwards. Further south, if you keep to the left side of the road, you should spot some tall grass leading west. In the middle of the grass is a breeder scouting for a battle.

Avoiding him is difficult, but possible. First you need to step into the tall grass from the very north. From this position, the breeder will be just out of sight, but you can see the horizontal black bars indicating he’s looking your way. As soon as the bars appear, then disappear, run south-west while hugging the wall.

Pokémon Breeder William

Pokémon Level Type
"Bounsweet" IconBounsweet 17 Grass
"Mareep" IconMareep 17 Electric

Two very easy Pokémon to read, since they’re both mono-types. "Bounsweet" IconBounsweet can’t actually be found in the wild, but you can breed the "Steenee" IconSteenee found in Lush Jungle. It’s naturally weak to Fire, Flying, Ice and Bug. "Mareep" IconMareep roam Paniola Ranch and are weak to Ground only.

(1 of 2) Who doesn’t love secret places?

Who doesn’t love secret places? (left), (right)

To the west of William is a secret entrance to Paniola Town. Beyond, search the cylindrical stacks of grass above for a hidden Super Repel. Then make a move to grab TM88 Sleep Talk in the other corner. Back on the main road on Route 6, continue following the road south. Past the signpost, go and check out the ruckus.

Team Skull Grunt

Pokémon Level Type
"Drowzee" IconDrowzee 17 Psychic

This will be your third encounter with Team Skull’s "Drowzee" IconDrowzee. Hapu is depending on you, so don’t relent and show off your best moves. An unevolved weak Psychic-type isn’t going to stop you now.

After combining your efforts to chase off Team Skull, you may continue east from this T-junction to reach Royal Avenue. From there, you can also find the road leading to the next trial site, Wela Volcano Park. If you have time to spare though, there’s more of Route 6 to visit–and many detours to take yet!

Immediately to the south of the T-junction is a Beauty pacing left and right. Does she think this is a catwalk?

Beauty Brittney

Pokémon Level Type
"Cubone" IconCubone 17 Ground

This tragic-looking tyke was presumably caught at Wela Volcano Park. Since it’s a pure Ground-type, Water, Grass and Ice-types are the champions. But in all honesty, given its unevolved status, anything that isn’t Electric will be able to hold their ground.

South-west from the trainer tips sign near the Beauty’s path is a side path that’s blocked by a pretty big boulder. Nothing "Tauros" IconTauros can’t handle though! After smashing the boulder into smithereens, there’s a Rare Candy immediately below. Whoa, almost trampled over it! To the south are more boulders to smash.

Once you’re clear from the boulders, step into the tall grass along the south-west corner of the route. To the west, there’s a suspiciously broad area devoid of tall grass. Have "Stoutland" IconStoutland sniff around to find a hidden Carbos. Afterwards wade through the grass, going towards the east, to reach the main road again.

At the end of the road, to the far south, is the exit leading back to Heahea City. Before going anywhere, step near the right side of the path, then head north along the narrow side path that’s filled with tall grass. As the main road becomes visible again, search the area along the east with no tall grass for a hidden X Speed.

Finally, return west to the main road and follow it south towards the exit. Towards the left side, watch out for a Dancer who’s spinning left and right.

Dancer Maika

Pokémon Level Type
"Oricorio" IconOricorio (Pa’u) 17 Psychic/Flying

Maika has the "Oricorio" IconOricorio native to Akala Island, which you can find in the tall grass along this route. Instead of Electric, it’s part Psychic. Therefore it’s weak to Electric, Rock, Ice, Ghost and Dark. You’re almost spoilt for choice!

Leaving Route 6 via its south will take you back to Heahea City for a quick detour. From there, you can also choose to leave Akala Island for a series of longer detours. If any of that sounds appealing, please proceed to the next couple of pages prefixed by “Optional”. Otherwise, skip ahead to the Royal Avenue page.

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